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HAIR TONER Write For Us – A hair lotion is a product that helps you correct or adjusts your colour. It adds usual or more visible tones after a professional colour treatment. As a result, it recovers the style of your hair. By creating a professional finish look. For the toner to work, the hair must first be pre-lightened or coloured. It is most commonly used for blonde hair tones but can also benefit brunettes and redheads.

A professional salon toner is more pigmented than a silver bathe or purple shampoo used at home. However, these products are excellent for maintaining a light or cool colour between salon appointments.

What does pre-lightening mean?

A technical term for bleach is pre-lightener. This refers to how lightening is a method used to lighten the hair. When bleached, natural or coloured hair is brought to the desired lightness. Depending on your natural hair colour and your history with previous colours and chemical treatments, the luminosity that can be achieved will vary. This process can leave a creamy, sunny or pale white result.

Lifting your hair to a glow-yellow undercoat is essential to achieve clean blonde results. This gives your hair colour a personalized, unique and p. The toners help neutralize the unwanted heat released by the pre-whitening service.

What colour results can you expect from Hair toner?

Here is no single toner. A toner is a method to make your hair colour your own. The toners can be used throughout the hair or on specific areas to create different effects throughout the hair for an even more customized result.

Toners can be used directly after a pre-whitening service or as an add-on to keep your colour looking fresh and polished between whitening services. Warmer tones include buttermilk, peach, or vanilla tones. Cooler tones include silver, champagne, and marshmallow. Pastel hair with shades of pink, purple and rose gold can also be achieved.

When they ask me these types of questions, I feel like they are asking me a trick question, the one where you can screw up from here to China.

Sunbathing is not harmful. Throwing yourself into the sun like a lizard can wreak havoc on your skin without putting mild sunscreen on your skin.

You can sunbathe and get a Caribbean tan, but the important thing is to first protect your skin with a sunscreen that has a good protection factor, at least 30.

Because if you don’t, of course, you can damage your skin, with severe consequences.

The same thing happens with toner. It is a blessing for all those who

 bleach their hair in pursuit of the perfect blonde.

And after bleaching it, you will notice that some strands remain chicken yellow or orange, which can be seen from a thousand feet away.

So now you can lose your fear of toner because everything will depend on how you use it and what type of toner you choose.

But don’t worry, because after reading what I have to tell you, you will be able to decide how to use the toner so as not to damage your hair.


I just remembered the case of a person who came to my room practically in a sea of ​​tears.

And the reason for her crying was plain to see: her hair looked terrible. Very bad. Throughout my career as a hairdresser, I can assure you that I have seen many hair disasters, especially in those who experiment with their hair without being fully informed about the characteristics of hair products.

Noelia had bleached her hair at home and with her own hands. I’m not going to talk about the dangers of lousy bleaching because we’ll be here until tomorrow.

I am going in the direction of telling you that the same day it was bleached, the toner was applied. Of course, she couldn’t stand those ugly orange locks she had left.

But Noelia did not count on something: her hair was ruined by the bleaching that had been done. And I know this because I asked him a couple of questions.

Can you believe Noelia used 40-volume hydrogen peroxide to bleach her brown hair?

And not only that. To top it all off, she decided that twenty minutes wasn’t enough to lighten her fine hair, so she let the bleach mix sit for another twenty minutes.

Was the toner the culprit, or was it Noelia’s recklessness?

Exactly, you are attentive because Noelia’s imprudence ruined her hair, not the toner.

Because toner is an acid-based product that modifies and alters your hair’s colour, shine, and chemical composition. However, when used and applied correctly, as well as the correct type and quality, it is not harmful.

It’s like asking me if dyes damage hair. Of course not, and they have chemicals, but everything will depend on how you use them.

It is also imperative to feel about the type of toner and the quality.

If you prefer toner, I recommend using the 20-volume because it is a less intrusive and gentler option.

However, if you notice that your hair is not strong enough, do not hesitate to use the 10 volume, which is the least strong but will still tone those yellowish locks that worry you so much.

In addition to the strength of the toner, the quality is also essential.

After all, if you are about to subject your hair to chemical treatments, the most logical thing is to use products of the highest quality possible.

What can I tell you if you want to buy the cheapest toner? You will pay the consequences, translating into more excellent hair drying.

In those cases, I recommend toning the hair with a purple shampoo, which will do the same job as the toner without using the 20-volume developer. Therefore, it will be much smoother.

Using it is very simple since you will apply it to your hair as you do with your usual shampoo, leaving it to act for three to four minutes.

Please don’t leave it on any longer because you can end up with purplish-coloured hair.

So far, we have seen that the toner is not harmful and depends on how your hair is at the time of application.

You also already know it is best to invest in a good quality toner and use a 20-volume developer to avoid damaging the hair.

Now, the million-dollar question is when to apply the toner.

And about that, I will talk to you next.


If Noelia had waited a few days to apply the toner, the results would have been different. Even she would have recommended that she nourish her hair to strengthen it.

So how long you should wait to apply the toner will depend on how your hair feels after bleaching it.

If you notice that your hair is damaged after bleaching, wait about twenty days.

It may seem like a long time to see you with those chicken yellow highlights, but it better be that to ruin your hair irreparably.

  • Your hair is worth every penny. During those twenty days, use an intensive hydration treatment every three or four days. And if you can, invest in a good moisturizing mask.
  • If your hair, after bleaching, feels substantial, or you notice that it returns to its normal position when you stretch it, you can apply the toner two or three days after.
  • His way, the toner won’t damage your hair, and the yellow or orange streaks will be gone.
  • Also, remember that after using the toner, you will need to take care of your hair more than ever.


  • Depending on your hair-washing habits, you may need to re-tone in approximately four to six weeks.


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