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MAGNETIC EYELINER Write For Us – If you are considering using magnetic eyelashes, one of the main questions is how long they last. The main advantage they offer over traditional false eyelashes is that they are much easier and faster to apply. In addition, it is not necessary to apply mascara on them and, most important of all: they do not injure the skin of the eyelids in the least.

The magnetic eyelashes we can find today in the market are light and offer a natural result. We won’t even realize we’re wearing them because they don’t weigh anything and, of course, they don’t bother.

Using magnetic eyelashes is the easiest thing in the world:

The first thing is to apply an even layer of magnetic eyeliner on the upper eyelid, the same thickness as the magnets.

We place the eyelashes on the line when it has dried to 80%. We will notice how they adhere instantly, as if by magic, and that’s it!

When removing them, we only have to pull one end of the eyelashes with tweezers or fingers. They do not tear or damage natural lashes.


We have to apply a little micellar water to remove the eyeliner.

Regarding the time that magnetic eyelashes last, their useful life ranges between 15 and 35 uses, as long as we take care of them when it is due. The magnetic eyeliner, once opened, lasts up to six months.

Taking care of magnetic eyelashes is not complicated at all, but there are several things that we must take into account. First, we cannot apply the mask on them, so if we want to use this cosmetic, we must do it before placing them. Also, they are always placed last when the eye is already made up.

When removing them, you must do it carefully because if we do it abruptly, we can take some of our natural eyelashes. As they are reusable, it is advisable that after each use, we wash them with plenty of water and neutral pH soap.

MAGNETIC EYELINER Write For Us Prior Magnetic Eyelashes

Finally, we want to recommend some magnetic eyelashes for sale in Primor with incredible value for money. They are from the KISS brand; they have five double-strength magnets. They last up to 16 hours and are very resistant to wind. The kit does not include magnetic eyeliner, so you must buy it separately.

Interest in tabs is on the rise. And magnetic lashes are not far behind.

The use of masks is an indicator, but there are also figures behind it. Treatwell, an online reservation platform, confirms that in 2020, reservations for eyelash perms increased by 82% and extensions accumulated 49% of appointments.

When you don’t want to subject your eyelashes to a semi-permanent treatment, mascara comes to your aid, but the result may be less impressive -with a good curling iron, the effect is magnified, yes-.

But false ones are a solution if you don’t have ‘good’ starting lashes. However, the art of putting them on is not something to disdain, as well as the art of taking them off without losing a hair, using glue.

Magnetic eyelashes come to join among so many offers, which adhere to the natural ones… These are their secrets.


At first glance, they are like the false ones: they come in the same boxes, in pairs. It is their method of placement that varies.

Two of the best brands on the market for this type of hairpiece, Nefer Lashes and Eyelure, propose a most curious system. They are accompanied by an eyeliner with magnetic properties (formulated with magnetic powder made from non-toxic iron, a material found in commonly used makeup and skincare products) that ‘attracts’ false eyelashes to it, thus avoiding the use of eyeliner. Glue.

This magnetism is safer than glue, an irritating substance that could damage the eyes or sensitive skin.


First, an even layer of eyeliner is applied, the same thickness as the magnets.

When it is 80% dry, the eyelashes are placed on the line, which will adhere as if by magic.

To remove them, one end of the false eyelash is pulled with your fingers or tweezers. They will not damage or rip out the natural lashes.

If clumps of eyeliner remain on the magnets, gently scrape them away with your fingernail on each draw.

For makeup removal, non-oily formulas are best because oil naturally dilutes adhesives and can damage magnetic lashes.


In general, magnetic eyelashes are reusable. Its useful life can range from 15 uses to 35, depending on the brand. The life of the magnetic eyeliner is like that of a normal one, with a recommended six months once opened.

They are made by hand with 18mm long synthetic fibre, the 6-magnet magnetic band (unique in Spain and the best to guarantee support, lightness and comfort), 8 hours duration and reusable for up to 35 uses.


The ideal ones for a natural finish adhere to the eyeliner, which is included. They are designed and manufactured with synthetic fibre and a magnetic strip that does not require glue. They are easy to remove since all you need is a make-up remover wipe or micellar water.


With small magnets located along each lash band. The sleek, textured design adds length and volume to the outer corners of the eyes for a bold, dramatic finish. A kit with five pairs, four for daily use and some more spectacular ones. Includes magnetic eyeliner for adherence. They are the best sellers on Amazon. As an Affiliate, Yo Dona earns income from qualified purchases that meet the applicable requirements. The inclusion of links does not influence the editorial independence of this medium: the editors select and analyze the products freely, according to their criteria and specialized knowledge.

Magnetic eyelashes: what are they, and how long do they last

magnetic eyelashes are gaining ground over traditional ones thanks to their numerous advantages. Sometimes, neither the best mascaras to achieve volume nor the specific serums are enough to take advantage of the natural ones.

As soon as you get the hang of them, they save you a lot of time, you can reuse them more times than traditional ones, and they are very comfortable once in place.

There is no other choice but to resort to extra help. But you may not want an effect that is always there, at least for weeks, like cosmetic treatments. In that case, these types of removable false eyelashes are an excellent alternative.

Advantages of magnetic eyelashes

They are easier and faster to place than the usual ones, you will not need to apply mascara on them, and they do not damage the skin of the eyelids. However, you should handle and remove them carefully. The appearance achieved with them is very natural thanks to the fibres with which they are usually made, and being light, they do not bother.

How long do magnetic eyelashes last?

Best of all, they are reusable and durable. If you treat them well, you can use them between 15 and 35 times while keeping them in perfect condition. In addition, they have affordable prices, often between 13 and 20 euros, approximately.

How to care for magnetic eyelashes so they last

Following some very simple care, they will remain in perfect condition much longer, and we can extend their useful life. Remember to put them into practice as a routine when using them.

The first thing to keep in brain is that mascara cannot be applied to them. If you want to use this cosmetic, you must do so before placing them and after ensuring that the product is completely dry. It should also be taken into account that the magnetic eyelashes should be placed last, that is, once the eye is completely made up.

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Removing them should be done carefully so as not to damage the natural eyelashes. If you do it abruptly, you may take one of yours behind. The good condition of the magnetic eyelashes will also depend on always handling them with extreme care.

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has ruled on this issue and recommends extreme hygiene with them. As they are reusable, after each use, they should be cleaned with mild soap and many delicacies so as not to damage them.

Can I reuse Nefer Lash’s magnetic eyelashes?

Our lashes are made with high-quality magnets and are durable for up to 40 times. They will last as long as you take care of them since there is no glue to accumulate on the lash band (which twists and ruins it), ruining normal lashes and making them unusable after a few applications. Lashes and eyeliner last up to 10 hours (essentially all day). This means that if you wear the lashes daily, you will be able to wear them for a little over a month. Treat them with the utmost care, and they will surely serve you much longer.
In addition, the magnetic eyeliner, to which the eyelashes adhere, can be used for more than 90 applications in more or less three months.

Why should I consider this option over others?

It’s economical. Forget hundreds of euros in extensions in professional salons. The Nefer Lashes cost €29.95, and the eyeliner cost €19.95. You can use them for more than a month, assuming you use them 24/7. Did we mention that it will also save you time and effort?

They are easy to clean and, therefore, less prone to damage. Unlike adhesive false eyelashes, which require special care to remove the glue, magnetic eyelashes do not. It is also not necessary to apply eyeliner on the eyelashes. Just draw your line directly on the eyelid. The eyeliner doesn’t clump on the lash band, making it very easy to wipe off and not as subject to damage from adhesives.


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