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Hair Color Write For Us

1. Choose carefully what you want before dyeing

It is the best way to avoid surprises. The first thing you should ask by hand is if you want to make a radical change or not. Then choose a shade that is more or less close to your natural base, depending on what you prefer. Colouring can add body to hair without volume or give lightness to duller hair. Depending on the effect you are looking for, you can use one technique or another, such as highlights of different shades to get more volume or reflections to give light to your hair. Do you like to change your look? Well, choose a bath colour instead of a permanent dye.

2. You cannot choose any colour

Unless you adopt the manga trend, to get your ideal colouration, you must choose it based on the colour of your skin and your eyes. If you are fair-skinned and light-eyed, choose ash blonde instead of gold to achieve an excellent facial effect; if you have dark eyes and tanned skin, choose a more natural caramel shade. How you dress and your personality also have a group to do with it. Whether you are a brunette, fair-haired or redhead, think carefully about all these factors and ask your hairdresser for advice before deciding. Are you still hesitating between the two shades? Remember that tints are often darker than they appear at first glance. Therefore, you should decide on the lightest shade since it will better adapt to the result you are looking for.

3. Coloring is not a lightning

The colours lighten your hair in several shades. If you want to make a more radical change, from brunette to blonde, dyeing yourself will not be enough. In such a case, the only option is bleaching.

4. Not all techniques are the same for hiding grey hair

If you want to hide your grey hair 100%, you should adopt a permanent colouration, since it covers them better than temporary ones.

5. The result varies from one hair to another

Do not expect to leave the hairdresser with your favourite artist’s hair or your friend who has just adopted the same colour as you. The final tone will depend on the natural base and the shine of the hair fibre. The same colour can always vary a little from one person to another.

6. In any case, put by hand in the hands of a professional

To avoid any hair disaster, put yourself in the hands of a colour specialist. Thanks to his knowledge of the subject, he will know how to adjust the dose and the time of action to your hair type. You will also be more likely to accomplish a result that lives up to your expectations than if you do the colouring at home.

7. Coloring tends to dry out hair

During colouring, the dye opens the scales of the hair fibre so that the pigments can penetrate. This process weakens the hair, worsening its retained hydration and resulting in drier hair.

8. You must change your care ritual after dyeing

Coloured hair needs special care. To preserve the intensity of your colouration and nourish your hair, you should use a shampoo that does not fade the colour too much and a mask that deeply repairs the hair so that it reveals all its shine.

9. Colored hair requires regular maintenance and a minimal budget.

Maintain roots, touch up highlights, and recover the shine of your considerations. You’ll need to get some touch-ups at your salon as your hair grows. You will need to go monthly to maintain the roots if you have done a classic colour or once every three months if you have adopted a partial colour technique: highlights, reflections, ortie&dye. Therefore, this carries an annual cost. They do not require the same assiduity in the hairdresser, nor do they cost the same. In short, it is a factor you should consider before choosing one technique or another.

10. To get your natural colour back after…

Before dyeing your hair, remember that recovering your natural colour will be easier depending on your chosen technique. Temporary colourations disappear with washing and last between 5 and 8 weeks. If some reflections persist, you can go to your hairdresser and ask for cleaning to remove the last pigments. Additionally, the only way to remove a permanent colour is to let your roots show through and cut the dyed hair as it grows.

Today there are many women, and even men, who dye their hair regularly to cover grey hair and change its tone.

As it is usual to use hair dyes containing ammonia, the hair is usually damaged, so it is normal to wonder how long you have to wait to dye it again.

Although there is no specific rule since the waiting time depends on several factors, at the All hairdressing shop, we will provide you with complete information so that the health of all hair is maintained in the best possible way.

The time between dye and dye depends, first of all, on each person since each of our hair grows at a different rate

Dying every 20 days, is it harmful to the hair?

Sonia L

Hello, I have been using the Loreal 9.1 dye for several months, light ash blonde, and I am thrilled with the colour obtained. My natural hair is golden brown, and I have little grey. The problem is that the roots are already visible two weeks after application.  I hold out until 20 or 22 days, but I wouldn’t say I like it because I wouldn’t say I like seeing my roots dark. However, I guess my hair grows very fast because I know of friends who take a month to dye their hair, and the sources don’t show as soon as I do.

I doubt if it is harmful to my hair to dye so often. For now, my hair is healthy; I try to hydrate it a lot, and I always use products such as conditioners and specific masks for coloured hair.

When I apply the dye, as indicated in the package insert, I use it thoroughly on the roots and let it act there longer than on the rest of the hair. They told me to dye it darker, so it takes longer for the sources to show, but I love this colour I have, and I don’t want to change the tone.

Use a darker shade; it’s more flattering.

Try a dye without ammonia that damages less (alter ego trio, intensity, sea). Keep trying to see which one gives you better coverage.

Many people die every 20 days or even less, and nothing has to happen.

Thanks for your answer. I love the colour I have now and look very favoured with it. I don’t want to have it darker, and my only concern was if dyeing it so often could damage my hair

Remember that today’s professional hairdressing dyes are not like in the past; now, those of good quality take care of the hair. It is clear that it is aggression you do to your hair, but the truth is that many people do it every two weeks, and if you take care of your hair, nothing happens.

You should only do the roots, and then, with about 5 minutes, it will be enough for the rest of the hair since this way, you revive the colour but focus on the roots.

Thanks, that’s how I do it: five minutes on the rest of the hair. My hair is perfect now, with nothing dry or burnt.

You now have the new colour MONTEBELLO OALIA that does not contain PPD. However, we remind you that you must do a test with a little OALIA dye before applying it to all your hair since it has Diaminobenzenes, Phenylenediamines (Diaminotoluenes) and Resorcinol.

Well Hair Color Write For Us

The same thing happens to me as you, Sonia; I barely get to 20 days. I usually dye my hair sooner; after two weeks, my roots show and unlike you, I have a lot of grey hair, which makes me dye more often now that the tone that I wear is lighter than my natural one but not so much. If you do as the people at Apel have told you, dye only the roots and leave the dye on all your hair for just 5 minutes, I don’t think anything will happen to you, I do it that way, and I don’t notice that my hair is terrible.

We recommend alternating the dyes with ammonia and the dyes without ammonia because although the new dyes without ammonia have come a long way and cover quite well, for the moment, they cannot match the dyes with ammonia.
So what you can do is dye yourself with a shade with ammonia and the following two times with colouring without ammonia and repeat the process.


A question to Alpel, which ammonia-free dye do you recommend to alternate with the one I’m wearing? I have naturally medium brown hair with lots of greys and wear Koleston 8.1. Sometimes I add 7.1.
I appreciate any help you can provide.


Sonia L., you say you use 9.1 from Loreal. Do you mean Majirel?
It is that they have told me to wonder about these dyes.
How much hydrogen peroxide do you use?
Many thanks.

And, if you use the professional dye WELLA TINTE KP 7/1, you can use the WELLA TINTE COLOR TOUCH 7/1, which is the same but does not contain ammonia.


Hi, you know, I dye my dye twice a month without ammonia because you can see my grey hair, I have light brown hair, and I wear chocolate or chestnut, but the paint fades quickly. Do you advise me to wear my shade or black, please tell me and thank you very

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