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\EYEBROW SLIT WRITE FOR US – Have you ever speculated about the origins of exciting new makeup trends? Nature inspires them often; we weren’t surprised when Insta-beauty fans started using eyeshadow palettes to create watermelons on their lids. Long-standing beauty practices also greatly influence makeup, which is slightly updated to suit modern times. You have to admit, and A smoky eye should come from the kajal-stained eyes that most desi girls sport every morning. We’re not sure, but we hope so.

Makeup trends also come from pop culture moments, and one rugged look that’s escaped the makeup cracks his brow furrows. Here’s all you need to distinguish about this unusual trend.

Brow splits are thin vertical cuts along the brow hair. This style was popular in the 90s, especially among hip-hop artists. They have been brought back by modern beauty bloggers who are not afraid to try even weird makeup trends. If you have a stable hand and a brave heart, you can have them done by a professional, your didi salon or even yourself.

From Where Does This Trend Emerge?

The concept of an aperture in the eyebrow is very vague in its appearance. A split or cut in the eyebrow hair occurs naturally when a person is involved in a fight, and the area is cut. They are the remnants of an injury, usually in old gangster movies where actors had to replicate part of their eyebrows. More recently, actors like Jason Momoa of GOT fame have been given a new life, even if Jason was cut from an actual bar fight. Almost like turning a scar into a beauty feature! He seems attracted to us.

Are you one of those who, when thin eyebrows were worn, joined the trend and, to this day, still have not recovered the original appearance of the eyebrows?

We see how long it takes for eyebrow hair to grow, what the eyebrow hair growth cycle consists of, and some tricks to show off thick, bushy and thick eyebrows. Are you going to miss it?

Although a few years ago, eyebrows were worn very thin, like a line, the truth is that, in recent years, bushy and thick eyebrows have come to the fore and monopolized most of the attention. Of the spotlights

The reason? And it is that the eyebrows are one of the essential parts of the face in terms of aesthetics. They are vital in maintaining the harmony of the face. Hence, more and more people are encouraged to undergo treatments such as eyebrow visage, eyebrow lamination or micro blading, among other therapies, to show off scandalous eyebrows!

But there is something that should not be ignored, and that is taking into account that until a few years ago, skinny eyebrows were a trend, those who, in their day, joined this trend may have been seen with problems recovering that beauty that they got rid of at that time. This is when we ask you the following inquiry:

 How long does it take to grow the eyebrow?

We see it! Although there are other aspects, such as the hair removal method, genetics or the number of follicles in the eyebrow, that also play an essential role in the growth of the eyebrow.

Tricks to show off scandalous eyebrows

Once we know how long it takes to grow eyebrow hair, we are going to see some of the ways, whether natural or aesthetic treatments, so that, in case your eyebrows do not have

Eyebrow microblading and micro shading

Eyebrow microblading is an aesthetic treatment that consists of making a semi-permanent tattoo on the eyebrows—a non-invasive technique with which natural eyebrows are obtained, rendering the size and shape of the face.

Microshading, for its part, is a manual method that shades the eyebrows, giving the sensation of a made-up eyebrow. This method paints dots to achieve a shading and makeup effect.

henna for eyebrows

Henna is the most popular vegetable dye for colouring hair, which is why we can also use it for eyebrows.

Natural remedies to grow eyebrows

If you are solitary of those, who prefer to resort to home remedies and tricks to care for your eyebrows, stick with ingredients like almond oil and Vaseline, and your eyebrows will look like someone else’s!

eyebrow extensions

Finally, we are going to talk about eyebrow extensions. In the desire to give our eyebrows the perfect shape, we have removed many more than necessary. Treatment consists of adding synthetic hair to natural hair fibres with an adhesive that is suitable for sensitive skin and does not break down when it comes into contact with water. But since there is a solution for everything, we present ways to nourish and strengthen the hair follicles of this part of the face, especially now that the trend is to wear them naturally, as the celebrities of the seventh art and the models do on the main catwalks in the world.

Keep the following recommendations in mind if your eyebrows take time to regenerate.

First, keep in mind that the eyebrow hair growth cycle is short. In general, they grow on average 0.16 millimetres per day. Approximately 56 days, depending on whether the hair removal was done with tweezers or thread.

With your fingertips for three or four minutes daily, massage your eyebrows. This will increase blood circulation, helping you achieve your goal.

While you let them grow, do not use dyes or chemicals, as they could delay natural growth. Other factors could be age, stress, some hormonal alteration or a lot of waxing.

The eyebrows are an element that, in addition to fulfilling its function as a shield for the eye, bring balance and personality to our face. Depending on their length, an eyebrow, the separation between them, the colour and shape (straight, arched, etc.) can change a face and give it character and personality.

Through the centuries and due to the fashions corresponding to each era, the eyebrows, especially in the case of women, have been widened or plucked until they almost disappeared. Today, wearing a natural eyebrow style is a trend. If before a delicate eyebrow that softened features was valued, now a leafy and natural eyebrow that highlights the look and facial features is valued more.

How long do eyebrows take to grow?

To understand how long eyebrows take to grow, we must know something about the hair follicles in our body.

The hair follicles of our body are the ones that generate and make it possible for eyebrow hair to grow, among others. The development of a strand goes from growth to fall, going through maturation.

Depending on how long the growth phase of a follicle lasts, the resulting hair size will be more or less long; the longer a strand takes to grow, the longer the hair will be.

On the other hand, the thickness of an eyebrow will depend on the number of follicles located in that area of ​​our face, which varies according to each person’s genetics. According to experts, the growth phase of an eyebrow follicle usually lasts for a month, which is why the size of an eyebrow hair does not exceed 2 centimetres in length. The average growth of an eyebrow is usually approximately 4 to 5 millimetres per month. However, if you have used any waxing method to remove the hair from your eyebrows, it will grow back more or less quickly, depending on the technique used to wax them. To know how long your eyebrows will take to grow, you must take into account if you have used any of the following hair removal methods:

  • Eyebrow shaving with an electric razor or razor blade:
  • In this case, the follicle regenerates and proliferates. In a month and a half, your eyebrows will look like they did before shaving again.


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