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The pandemic has produced many changes in our lives, one of which is the use of masks or face masks.

In our country, given the elevated transmissibility of the new coronavirus, an order was issued in May of this year to regulate the use of masks and establish cases and cases in which their use was mandatory.

In addition, the different Autonomous Communities also legislated in this regard in recent months.

Why wear masks?

Asymptomatic infected people can transmit and become non-negligible infectious sources of COVID-19. In the pediatric population, asymptomatic cases are common.

The flu has shown that the use of masks along with hand washing decreases the frequency of respiratory infection.

Which children should wear a mask?

All children over the age of 6 must wear a mask unless the child has difficulty breathing with a covered face, is unconscious, has a significant disability, or is unable to remove the show on their own.

In children under five ages of oldness, it can be difficult for them to use it properly. But we must try to implement the culture of protection and that they learn to use it with games without forcing or punishing.

They are not recommended for children under two years of age, payable to the risk of suffocation.

What kind of masks?

The Ministry of Health recommends that healthy children from 3 years of age should use hygienic masks according to their age (there are three sizes).

Children positive for COVID-19, with symptoms or asymptomatic, should preferably use the following masks:

  • Surgical masks with CE marking (ensures that the product complies with the legislation) and concerning the UNE EN 14683 standard (provides the quality standard).
  • Hygienic masks that have the UNE 0064 or 0065 specification on their label.

How should it be placed?

I was always covering my nose and mouth. It has to be snug over the nose, on both sides of the face, and below the chin to avoid leaving gaps.

They may have ribbons that are tied at the back of the head or rubber bands that are attached behind the ears.

How to put it on and take it off?

  • Before placing it, wash your hands with soap and water or apply hydro alcoholic gel
  • Touch only the rubber bands and place them over the nose and mouth, covering the chin and adapting it well over the nose with two fingers and below the chin to have the effect it should
  • During the entire time it is in place, do not touch it; if you do stroke it, wash your hands or use hydro-alcoholic gel.
  • Before removing it, please wash your hands or use hydroalcoholic gel, remove it with the rubber bands, throw it away and wash your hands or use the gel.

How long does a mask last?

It depends on the type of mask:

Hygienic masks: they can be reusable or not

  • If they are reusable, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on their use and the maximum number of washes. From there, the effectiveness of the mask is not guaranteed.
  • Non-reusable ones should be disposed of after their recommended use. Never wash it, as it is not guaranteed to retain its properties.

Surgical masks: you have to consult the instructions because it depends on the manufacturer.

In both types, it is usually recommended not to wear the mask for more than 4 hours for comfort and hygiene reasons. In addition, if it becomes damp, dirty or deteriorates from use, it is recommended to replace it with another.

Should it be used if the child plays sports?

Physical activity can increase the excretion of viruses, so while children play sports, they should maintain the recommended distance of 2 meters and practice it whenever possible outdoors since the possibility of contagion decreases outdoors. If not being bright to keep a distance, a mask is recommended.

And at School?

The different Autonomous Communities have legislated and made their recommendations in this regard. The Spanish Association of Pediatrics recommends that, as far as possible, children over six years of age and all adults wear a mask while in the classroom and when moving around the school.

Physical activity can increase the excretion of the virus, so even though the transmission of the virus decreases outdoors while doing sports at school or during recess, children should also wear masks. This is particularly important because it is very difficult to maintain the recommended distance of 2 meters in those situations.

The use of masks appropriately is a protection measure not only for the one who wears them but for everyone. But it must be remembered that covers complement the recommended distancing and hygiene measures.

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