K-BEAUTY OR KOREAN BEAUTY – It’s hard to escape the K-beauty phenomenon. Even if you don’t know, many innovative products like BB cream for the face or oil powder for the body come from Korea. True beauty junkies, Korean women are at the forefront of cosmetics and skincare that both refined and high-tech. We invite you to discover the fascinating and complex world of Korean beauty.


Koreans are equally dedicated to perfect skin and will invest energy and cash to get faultless colouring.

They commit a normal of an hour to 90 minutes, morning and night, to deal with their skin. They makeup twelve items consistently in a complicated custom called a layer—all with the sole target of having an ideal, new and rested composition.

In the place where there is morning quiet, there is a truism that ‘there are no terrible ladies, just lethargic ones’. What’s more, only focusing on the face is a great deal of work! Day-to-day facial purifying raised to craftsmanship and passed down from mother to girl from age 6…

Developments IN Overflow

With this custom, South Korea has turned into the leading country on the planet for beauty care products: it is where ladies are supposed to the most lovely on the earth, where corrective medical procedure facilities are the most developed, and where item producers for healthy skin and cosmetics are the most imaginative.

Supporting new surface-level patterns, the Nation of Morning Quiet joins high innovation and out-of-date information.

On account of these two resources, Korean magnificence items have in no time vanquished Japanese, American and, surprisingly, French ladies, now and again without their insight.

As a matter of fact, in the field of beauty care products, the vast majority of the unmissable triumphs of late years come from Korea, for instance:

=> BB cream that focuses on the skin and tone

=> obscure specialists

=> fabric covers absorbed water

=> pads of little wipes absorbed base


K-excellence has numerous contentions to persuade us, Westerners, regardless of whether we invest less energy in the washroom than Koreans!

Korean excellence items enjoy the accompanying benefits:

=> they are imaginative, with new surfaces and introductions

=> they are exceptionally focused and hence powerful

=> they are figured out with regular fixings from conventional medication like ginseng (which actuates microcirculation ), bamboo (saturating) or lotus (cancer prevention agent and iridescent)

=> present a very Kawai (pretty) ladylike bundle, as the Japanese say

If layering doesn’t entice you because of the absence of time, you ought to know that the new Korean-propelled beauty products are multifunctional and make life easier for us.

Therefore, from now on, it is likely to improve the excellence of our skin with a few gestures.


If you want to inspired by these distant rituals to take better care of your skin, remember the following essential tips :

=> never skirt the makeup evacuation step

=> you should purge your skin toward the beginning of the day AND around evening time

=> right now, you ought to set aside some margin to firm the oval of the face

You can likewise embrace genuine Korean magnificence items to place a Korean touch in your excellence ceremonies.

The French-Korean brand Berberian made in 2007 to present specific K magnificence motions. The brand introduced the principal BB cream in France in 2009.

Today, many sites devoted to Korean excellence. They present items and broadcast the most recent patterns, for instance, Jung Magazine: https://jungmagazine.com/tendances/.

At long last, Korean items have likewise become famous in France because of Sephora (see next page). You will want to find a review of ‘made in Korean’ brands like Tony Moly, highly famous in Korea.