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GROOMING Write For Us – There are as many hair myths as realities. And they all seem to reach the same familiar places: dirt, hair loss, or how ideal it is to use one shampoo. Here are the answers to all these unknowns. s it good or bad to wash your hair every day? Is it true that your hair falls out more if you pass a lot? Is it necessary to apply a shampoo, a conditioner or a mask to make it grow healthier and look better? Does your hair tend to look greasy if you wash it too often?

Hair myths –and the well-worn questions that revolve around them– generate endless debates and a handful of unknowns. For this reason, we have turned to those who know the most about washing hair to end some of these questions once and for all. From his hand, we open a capillary melon that promises to put an end to some other urban legend. We start.

It is advisable to wash your hair only three days a week. Fake.

Get this myth out of your head. “There are a series of recommendations, but there is no rule. The man should wash his hair when he notices it is dirty or, for example, if he notices the loss of shine. That is to say, in reality, it is impossible to establish several times a week because many factors influence each individual: if you practice sports if you are more prone to getting your hair dirty…” says Carlos Fernández, manager by Franck Provost.

Washing your hair frequently favours it from getting dirty. Fake.

A lie like a cathedral. Here’s the key: “If you wash your hair every day, as you go a day without washing it, it gives you the feeling that it’s dirtier,” says the Franck Provost expert. And Alberto Sanguino, manager of Llongueras, adds: “If you have a normal scalp, without itching, without flaking, without dryness, without excess fat… the normal thing would be to wash it once a week. From one day to the next, so much dirt has not been generated that it has to be washed. The hair must be left with a point of fat so that dermatitis, itching, and dryness do not appear… And if you have oily hair and wash it daily, it will generate more fat to protect itself”.

Washing your hair every day favours hair loss. Depends.

This statement needs an in-depth answer. Otherwise, it creates a lot of uncertainty. It is a myth because hair does not fall out overnight due to excessive washing. But if both the hair and the scalp tend to dry hair, Sanguino recommends: “With excessive washing, they can become so dehydrated that the scalp ends up flaking. Something that causes the root of the hair to weaken and favours the fall”.

All hair is different. Fake.

You’ve been stunned. You just discovered that you have the same hair as all of humanity. Carlos Fernández, from Franck Provost, delves a little deeper into this mystery: “Yes, all hair is the same; what changes is the scalp. It can be dry and with a tendency to dry the hair or be oily and make the hair greasy. Something that happens the same to women. The difference is that the men are thicker, a little more rebellious, and tend to fall out due to estrogen.”

Each type of scalp requires a different wash. Real.

Both experts agree that each scalp type requires specific guidelines when washing it. Below we detail what they are and what steps must be followed:

  1. Dry hair. It is advisable to leave it without washing it for two to three days. The scalp, low in natural fat, needs to generate it. Therefore, if you pass it daily, it remains unprotected for too long. Yes, fat is not only dirty but also a protective barrier for the hair.
  2. Greasy hair. Requires washing every other day. One day you fly with a neutral pH shampoo and, two days later, with a purifying or anti-grease shampoo for a more in-depth wash. But it is not convenient to wash it daily. That scalp needs to have that oil. With daily washing, you will get the head to generate more fat to protect itself.
  3. Normal hair. It can be washed every day.

We can follow these recommendations depending on how we notice the hair, but, as we have previously mentioned, it also depends on our lifestyle.

Healthy hair requires the use of other products in addition to the shampoo. Fake.

No need to fill your bathroom with hair products. Carlos Fernández, from Franck Provost, says that always using shampoo, conditioner and mask “is outrageous”, literally. “The conditioner and the show are indicated for hair in which, from the middle to the ends, there is some dryness, dehydration, or we notice that the hair is splitting. If you have dry hair, you can use a conditioner every two or three days, preventing it from falling at the roots. If the hair is too dehydrated, a mask can be used. It should be used once a week, and let it act for five or 10 minutes without coming into contact with the scalp.

Clean hair requires two washes to clean it thoroughly. Fake.

Many shampoos recommend a double wash. What does it mean? Step into the shower, wash your hair once with a conventional shampoo, rinse it, and then rewash it with a purifying shampoo. There is also the possibility of doing it twice with the same product if the hair does not need repair. Although according to Fernández: “Men do not need to wash their hair twice.” For his part, Sanguino explains that “a single wash is enough, especially if you wash it daily; doing it twice leaves the scalp too unprotected.” Fernández adds, “I would only see it as necessary in long hair and the event that it has gone from four to six days without washing, and the hair is filthy and oily. The first wash will remove all residue, and the second will leave the hair clean,

If you wash your hair with water immediately, you will keep it clean. Fake.

This myth may surprise you, but it has its reason. It is a personal story. I have a friend – and no, the friend is not me – who hasn’t washed his hair in over a year. He told me about it a few weeks ago, and I had no choice but to ask the experts whether this was good or bad when I started looking for information on this topic. Sanguino, from Llongueras, points out that he “is surely a person with a dehydrated scalp. He generates so little oil that his hair doesn’t get greasy and stays looking good, more defined, like when you wax it.” And about washing it only with water. Franck Provost highlight that the best way to wash hair is water.

Still, it does not do so wholly: “It is not a recommended practice for all scalp types because the shampoo, in addition to removing dirt, also influences other components such as bad smell”. So, if it has crossed your mind to go months without washing your hair, do not do it! “You must have exceptional hair for this system to work for you, and it is not hygienic at all,” says Sanguino.

All types of the scalp can be washed with a single shampoo. Real.

Yes! Hallelujah! You don’t have to go crazy choosing a shampoo for your hair unless you are a care geek. But of course, which one? The person in charge of Frack Provost recommends using “a shampoo capable of cleaning and eliminating all residues. Yes, it prevents dust from being absorbed and greatly regulates the acidic pH of the skin, especially if you are an athlete. A regulating shampoo is also good considering that your pH is rather oily. What it is going to do is stabilize the fat at the level of the scalp.”

To help you with the routine, we have selected some of the best shampoos to wash your hair in depth.


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