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FACE PRIMER Write For Us – f you don’t use a ‘primer’ or make-up primer, we guarantee you’ll start doing it now. It is the essential long-lasting product to achieve the long-awaited ‘good face’ effect. Do you use a primer before applying makeup? The majority common answer to this question is usually no, that or “what do you mean by primer? We try to simplify the steps of our beauty routine simply because we don’t know. Well, we already warned you that as soon as you know all the benefits of this cosmetic, you will want to have it right away in your toiletry bag.

What is the ‘primer’ or primer?

The primers have been designed as an intermediate step between the moisturizer and applying our usual foundation. However, it is not a cosmetic to use since it serves as make-up and as a treatment, helping to prolong the make-up fund’s duration, improving the skin’s appearance and hydrating it simultaneously. It is not a discovery of today. Professional makeup artists use them, and their use is spreading more and more to the point that the big cosmetic firms have wanted to go one step ahead by including components with antioxidant properties, nutrients and even high sun.

How is the ‘primer’ applied?

It’s very easy; you don’t have to do tedious rituals. On clean, dry skin, apply a small amount of primer after moisturizer and before foundation, either fluid, mousse, stick or pressed powder. To blend it well over the entire face, you can use your fingertips, a sponge or a makeup brush, whatever is most comfortable for you. Some tinted formulas can even be used alone after the day cream for an immediate brightening effect.

The benefits of using a primer

If you did not use it before, we assure you that you will be surprised by everything a current primer can do for you. Take note because it is essential for the preparation and care of the skin:

  • Corrects imperfections and uneven skin tone, smoothing pores and unifying the complexion.
  • It provides luminosity to the complexion, giving it a juicier and healthier appearance.
  • The skin gains elasticity and appears smoother.
  • Refreshes the complexion and offers prolonged hydration.
  • Improves makeup fixation on the face for a much longer lasting perfect finish.
  • Some include protection against UVA and UVB rays.

The 12 best makeup primers

If you are looking for your new beauty ally, do not miss this selection with the best-selling primers and best valued by consumers. After discovering all its benefits, who can resist all its charms?

Flawless Beauty Primer

Pixi by Petra signs this moisturizing and shine-enhancing primer. Corrects uneven skin tone and restores its youthful glow while prolonging makeup wear. Provides skin with maximum hydration for a firmer, more flawless appearance. Your complexion will appear healthy instantly.

Invisible UV Flawless Poreless

Scientifically developed, this Charlotte Tilbury primer is ultra-light and has an SPF 50 index and a satin finish. It has it all! It is a sip of moisturizing hyaluronic acid, providing invisible protection against pollution, UVA and UVB rays. The skin gains in elasticity and luminosity, appear softer and has fewer visible pores (€51).

Beauty Amplifier

Sephora also champions its perfecting and illuminating primer. Its encapsulated pigments open up when applied, releasing a luminous nude tone that balances the skin’s texture and gives it light, visibly softening it and increasing the holding power of makeup.

SOS Primer UV SPF30

The range of perfecting primers created by Clarins offers a colour correction adapted to the needs of different skin tones. SOS Primer UV prepares the skin for makeup, improves its hold and corrects, revives and illuminates the complexion. Add its moisturizing power and the fact that it acts as a barrier against UV rays.

Step 1 Primer Color Corrector

Not just one, but six! Make Up For Ever bets on colour-correcting bases to neutralize imperfections and revive the complexion, the perfect way to obtain more even and smooth skin. Applying your ‘first’ Step 1 is the first step for a flawless makeup routine. With its simple application, you will achieve a greater resistance to the following makeup base for an optimal result. Corrects effectively for 24 hours. Available in green, blue, lilac, pink, yellow and caramel

Hydro Grip

Milk Makeup launches this moisturizing primer that serves as an anchor to makeup. It is formulated with hemp seed extract and blue agave extract to keep skin hydrated and makeup in place throughout the day. Its formula also contains aloe water, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B to stimulate the skin. It is a vegan product and one of the most valued at Sephora.

UV Master

This new smoothing primer from Giorgio Armani Beauty is the infallible weapon to combat dull skin, as it unifies and illuminates the complexion. The presence of glycerin in its formula strengthens the hydrolipidic film and provides long-lasting hydration for 12 hours. In addition, it offers effective protection against UVA and UVB rays.

UV Master

This new smoothing primer from Giorgio Armani Beauty is the infallible weapon to combat dull skin, as it unifies and illuminates the complexion. The presence of glycerin in its formula strengthens the hydrolipidic film and provides long-lasting hydration for 12 hours. In addition, it offers effective protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Base Tape Hydrating

A rich and light moisturizing serum from the cosmetic firm Tarte. Its formula is supported by a blend of coconut oil and botanical herbs to nourish and smooth the appearance of the skin and hydrate it for 12 hours.

Always An Optimist

We present to you the light ‘first’ from Rare Beauty, a silicone-free vegan product in the form of a gel enriched with ultra-fine pearls that capture the skin’s internal luminosity. Refreshes the skin, softens it, hydrates and adds shine. Its botanical blend of lotus, gardenia and white water lily helps soothe stressed skin.

Radiant Glow

The ‘primer’ in the form of a serum from Freshly Cosmetics hydrates the skin deeply, providing an immediate anti-fatigue effect and acting as a make-up primer. Get a radiant and healthy face with a velvety finish thanks to its small sparkles from micas of mineral origin. Ideal to use as a primer or apply without makeup

Pink Primer & Care

Korean cosmetics come to our beauty routine with Erborian and its treatment primer. It combines all the benefits of a foundation to smooth the skin visibly and even out the complexion, helping the make-up set better. Similarly, it has all the reimbursement of a moisturizer thanks to its formula enriched with Diospyros Kaki to hydrate the skin throughout the day immediately, improve its texture and reduce the appearance of pores.

Prep + Prime

Even out and improve skin tone with MAC Makeup Primer. Its light gel texture adapts perfectly to the face, covering redness and providing light. Framed with sucrose, green tea extract and caffeine to smooth the skin, as well as moisturizing antioxidants, blackberry extract and algae to improve tone. The face’s texture is visibly enhanced and ensures a perfect foundation or compact powder application.


The well-known pre-bases or primers are light cream or gel products applied before the makeup base to fix it and make it last longer. There are several types of primers according to our face’s needs, from moisturizing primers and fillers for very large pores and scars with a mattifying effect to eliminate shine, etc. The purpose of this product is to prepare and smooth the skin; so we achieve perfect and more lasting makeup.


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