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Face Packs Write For Us

Face packs are skincare products or formulations applied to the face to improve its condition and appearance. These packs typically contain natural or chemical ingredients that help cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and rejuvenate the skin. Face packs are popular in skincare routines because they address various skin concerns, such as acne, dryness, dullness, and aging.
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Know Briefly About Face Packs

It is the fashionable beauty ritual or gesture amid the coronavirus crisis and during our confinement: putting on a face mask. Although they are indeed very beneficial for the skin, if they not used well or abused, apart from waste, the skin of our face can suffer the consequences. We spoke with an expert about the truth about face masks, how many times, and how to use them, so they don’t turn against us. Multitasking or putting shows on our facial skin has become a gesture that invades social networks. And it is that lately, no one does not resist putting them on the skin of the face.

The confinement of these days makes us take better care of ourselves at all levels. We eat more homemade food; we are exercising more than ever, promoted by the two hundred thousand classes on platforms like YouTube or Instagram. More time is being dedicated to the skin, converting face masks into one of the best-selling products (not counting the homemade masks that we dare to make at home), something understandable if one takes into account that the current circumstances allow us to be working with them on without anyone seeing us.


Masks should applied to your clean, dry skin and, preferably, after having carried out a small peeling, which improves its effectiveness eliminating dead cells.


As experts assures us when leaving your mask on your skin, “it is best to leave them on for as long as necessary and follow the instructions on the package: when they are hydrating formulas, there is no danger of overexposure, but purifying masks and exfoliating masks should only be used indicated time to avoid dehydrating the epidermis”.


The masks act by occlusion, as the expert tells us, and for this reason, it is not necessary to massage the skin vigorously until the mask’s active ingredients penetrate as if it were a cream.


Masks should be used once a week for the first month, and then we should space out their monthly use to support the skin’s natural renewal cycle without weakening it. And always wear them at night!

When to Apply and How to use a Facial Mask?

To hydrate the skin, it is not only necessary to apply the cream daily; there are other cleansing and hydration rituals that provide extra nutrition to the face. Just as the skin should be exfoliated once a week to remove dirt and dead cells, it is also advisable to use a  facial mask suitable for our skin type, as they help to recover the necessary skin water level and keep acne or acne at bay—the appearance of the first wrinkles. There are masks for all skin types; you must know when and how to use them.

When to Apply a Facial Mask?

Unlike facial creams, masks should be applied once a week or every fortnight. It is necessary to let them act for at least ten or fifteen minutes. In the case of purifying masks for oily skin, it is recommended to leave them for even half an hour so that they absorb all the fat that the face expels and thus avoid the appearance of pimples and acne.
The idea is to apply a facial mask at night when the skin prepares for rest and receives all the properties better. After a good cleaning and before using the night cream, we will apply the masks with a specific brush or with our fingers. While it is current, we can do other things, but we must not exceed the time since they can dry out the skin.
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How to use your Mask step by step?

The first step in any beauty routine is cleaning. With a specific gel and warm water, we will remove all the dirt from the face, and if necessary, the skin will be exfoliated so that the mask is better absorbed.
Once we have dried our face with a towel and with small touches, we will apply the appropriate mask for our skin type without dragging. You have to do it carefully, avoiding the contour of the eyes and lips. It will be used with the fingertips or with a special brush for facial masks. When we ensure that the entire face is covered except for the areas to avoid mentioned, we must leave it to act for at least ten minutes.
To remove it, you must use warm water, as in the facial cleansing step. It removed like any gel, with circular movements. The skin will be extremely sensitive in this step after exfoliation and the mask, so it is good to use a  soft towel that does not scratch the skin or irritate it.
Once we have learned to use the mask, we hydrate the skin with our usual cream. It has to be a nutritious and dense cream, so the skin recovers its water levels.

What Kind of Mask should I Wear?

The mask to applied depends on the skin type. There are masks for dry skin, which include nourishing oils such as olive, shea or avocado that prevent dryness and flaking. But if your skin mixed or oily, it best to use masks with exfoliating granules that absorb oil and keep your face matte and shine-free.
For mature skin, it is better to use anti-ageing masks since, in addition to hydrating the skin, they help prevent the appearance of wrinkles and slow down ageing.
Facial masks are a very beneficial cosmetic product for our skin. You will see that from the first application, you can no longer live without it. Your skin will change completely! Healthier, more radiant and much more nourished.

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