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Cosmetic Product Write For Us – Beauty, Makeup, Skincare, Hair

Cosmetic Product Write For UsCosmetic Product Write For Us: Cosmetic products must meet a series of standards to be marketed, which serve to guarantee a minimum level of safety and health protection. They are defined as those substances or mixtures intended to be in contact with the superficial parts of the body and teeth, to clean them,  perfume them, modify their appearance or protect them, which is why they include both those commonly known as cosmetics.

Types of cosmetic products

Royal Verdict 1599/1997, of October 17, on beauty foodstuffs, in addition to publishing a list of substances prohibited in the composition of Cosmetic Product Write For Us, publishes in Annex 1 an indicative list by category of cosmetic products.

These are the legal categories of cosmetic products:

  1. Creams, suspensions, lotions, gels and oils for the skin.
  2. Beauty masks(excluding products that irritate the skin superficially by chemical means).
  3. Makeup(liquids, pastes, powders).
  4. Makeup powders to be used after bathing and for body hygiene.
  5. Toilet soap, deodorant soap.
  6. Perfumes, toilet water, cologne water.
  7. Bath and washproducts (salts, foams, oils, gels).
  8. Depilatories.
  9. Deodorantsand antiperspirants.
  10. HairProducts

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 Decorative Cosmetic Products

For their part, decorative cosmetic products are those that, due to their coloured substances and covering power, are applied to different areas of the body to temporarily accentuate their beauty or mask or conceal various skin imperfections.

As an indication, decorative cosmetics are considered to be those listed in Annex V of Royal Decree 1599/1997*, such as:

  • Makeup (lip or powder).
  • The shadow of the eyelids
  • the rouge.
  • The eye pencil
  • mascara or
  • the nail polish.

Right to Health and Safety

One of the duties of those who put cosmetic products on the market and of the administrations that supervise the market is a right for consumers and users: that of using products that do not affect our safety or health.

Instructions for Use and Warnings – Cosmetic Product Write For Us

The risks that could foreseeably arise from the regular use of cosmetic products, taking into account their nature and the people for whom they are intended, must be made known to consumers through instructions and indications for their correct use. and appropriate warnings.

Among these thousand dangerous substances not to be used for cosmetic purposes: are androgens and substances with androgenic action, antibiotics, antimony, arsenic, benzene, bromine, cadmium, elemental chlorine, iodine, barbituric acid, nicotine and its salts, nitroglycerin, chloroform. , types of diesel, oils and a very long etcetera.

Non-cosmetic products – Cosmetic Product Write For Us

One of the duties of those who put cosmetic products on the market and of the administrations that supervise the market is a right for consumers and users: that of using products that do not affect our safety or health..

Hair dyes and bleaching.

  •  Products to mould, straighten and fix.
  •  Products that help maintain the hairstyle.
  •  Cleaning products (lotions, powders, shampoos).
  •  Conditioning products (lotions, lacquers, glitter).
  • Other styling products.
  1. Shavingproducts (soaps, foams, lotions).
  2. Products for makeup and face and eye makeup removal.
  3. Lipproducts.
  4. Oral and dental careproducts.
  5. Nailcare and makeup products.
  6. Products for external intimate care.
  7. Solarproducts.
  8. Sunless tanningproducts.
  9. Skin bleaching products.
  10. Anti-wrinkleproducts.

Cosmetic products

Current cosmetics are undergoing an unstoppable evolution: active biotechnological ingredients, surprising textures, careful presentations and revolutionary properties are combined with scientifically proven efficacy. Therefore, reviewing the new solutions is necessary to interpret advertised properties correctly. This article addresses the most striking actions of the most recent cosmetics, the innovations in the list of ingredients and the symbols that appear on the label to familiarize the pharmacist with the new cosmetic lexicon.

It has been long since cosmetics ceased to be a world of promise and illusion to become a science closely linked to research, innovation and convincing results. Cosmetic brands surprise us almost daily with formulas that offer solutions for all skin types and problems, with proposals for all budgets.

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New Cosmetic Actions

Twenty-first-century cosmetics are not satisfy with moisturizing and protecting the skin. There is talk of regenerative, anti-ageing, biostimulant, oxygenating creams that refine the skin, fill in wrinkles and even “miracle creams” capable of erasing the traces of time. In a market full of products for an increasingly informed and demanding public, the pharmacist must know the properties of the new cosmetics and the active ingredients that support them

Responsible For Skin Tone

Depigmenting or exfoliating substances so that the skin appears smooth and radiant. Finally, redensifying, revitalizing, or firming products are expected, which increase the natural production of collagen and elastin, which degrade and disorganize with age, ceasing to fulfil their supporting function.


Since 1998, all cosmetics marketed in the EU must include the ingredients they contain on the label. The regulations include all products: gift samples, commercial testers, imported cosmetics for professional use, etc.

Common names

In the EU, words based on the European Pharmacopeia are used, which are recognized in all countries. Good examples are aqua ( water, for the United States) or Maris sal (sea salt).

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In the EU, they are generally designate by the Color Index (CI). In the United States, the abbreviations FD & C (Food, drug and cosmetic), D & C (Drug and decorative) and No. (number) are used together with the name of the dye. Sometimes these initials are omitted, and only the abbreviated name appears. For dyed stains, the American vocabulary includes the prefix HC- if the molecule’s chemical structure is very complex.

Botanical Species

In the EU, they are designate with the Latin name (genus and species), while in the United States, the common name of the plant, the part used and the type of preparation is also included.


(“free of oils”) is a somewhat confusing name because, in some countries, it means that the cosmetic does not contain oils or fats, while in other places, it refers only to oils

News in the list of ingredients – Cosmetic Product Write For Us

Recently, the Cosmetic Product Write For Us Framework Directive 1 has been amending for the seventh time. Instruction 2003/15/EC of the European assembly and of the Council of February 27, 2003, which must transpose into National Regulations before September 11, 2004, will apply on March 11, 2005. One of the essential points of the Directive is the regulation of the labelling of allergenic substances present in fragrances. Thus, it requires that the list of cosmetic ingredients indicate the presence of certain substances “which constitute an important cause of allergic reactions among consumers sensitive to fragrances”, provided that their concentration exceeds the established limit.

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