Reduce shoulder pain with this exercise – If you have shoulder discomfort or pain in this area, you cannot miss the new video from our CuídateEnCasa personal trainer. In this case, he teaches us how to do a simple exercise to release the area and relieve pain or discomfort in the shoulders. As he reminds us in the video, it is an exercise that all kinds of people can do because it is very general. Suppose the problem is particular and complex and does not disappear or is alleviated with this advice. In that case, Téllez advises us to go to a specialist or contact him through social networks to resolve doubts.

Defined shoulders: how to do dips well

Funding is one of the most common exercises to strengthen the shoulder area. It seems like a simple exercise, but it is not that simple; it is widespread to see people injured by exercising it incorrectly.

To prevent this from happening and get defined shoulders, our CuídateEnCasa personal trainer Víctor Téllez ( @vtellez_coach ), from the centre, has prepared this video in which he explains which joints are the protagonists in this exercise and what are the most common mistakes.

In the video, he explains, step by step, how to do the bottom well to avoid injuries and get the best results.

If you missed any of his videos, don’t worry; click on this link and see all his workouts and tips to stay strong and healthy.

And if you have questions, you can contact him through his Instagram account.

This should be the return to exercise after the Covid-19 infection

the infection has a highly variable affectation. In recent months, it has caused the death of more than 28,000 Spaniards, and among the infected people (more than 246,000), many have been asymptomatic. In contrast, others have suffered mild symptoms and serious problems that have even kept them in the ICU for weeks. Another reality is the aftermath, which raises questions to which scientists still cannot give accurate answers, a common trend in everything related to the virus and this disease.

People with few symptoms recover spontaneously and do not usually report functional consequences. However, data from the CEU San Pablo University of Madrid indicate that between 5 and 10% of infected people maintain symptoms related to Covid-19 more than four weeks after infection.

Pedro Manonelles Marqueta, president of the Spanish Civilization of Sports Medicine (Semed-Female) and director of the International Chair of Sports Medicine at the San Antonio de Murcia Catholic Academia (UCAM), raises the percentage of people with sequelae to 30% importance that affect the locomotor, respiratory and cardiac systems, among others. “And we don’t know if more sequels or late sequels will appear later,” he adds.

post-viral fatigue syndrome

Some subjects report excessive fatigue when performing daily activities, unrefreshing sleep, lack of concentration, and memory loss. This is what has called post-viral fatigue syndrome. But others do not reach that extreme but suffer more fatigue than usual, and their physical condition is not what they had before.

How, then to resume physical activity after suffering from the Covid-19 infection? Specialists recommend, as a general rule, a gradual reincorporation adapted to each case.

The post-viral syndrome must diagnosed by a doctor, who will prescribe the guidelines the patient must follow. “Fatigue, apathy and negative emotions prevent the patient from carrying out activities of daily living; it is difficult for him to get out of the cradle; he does not feel like eating or going out because he exhausted,” explains Beatriz Crespo Ruiz, a doctor in Medicine and Sports Sciences, and professor at the University of Castilla La Mancha.