DENTAL IMPLANTS Write For Us  – Implantology has become one of the best solutions for replacing a tooth. Dental implants are often the simplest and most conservative alternative to replace a lost tooth.

With a dental implant, we achieve a lasting restoration that does not affect the adjacent teeth. It allows patients of any age to eat normally, which benefits the elderly with chewing difficulties due to the mobility of their old dentures. A comfortable option not only because of the aesthetic repercussion but also because it is more natural than traditional dentures.

What is a dental implant?

The dental implant is an artificial root, generally made of titanium, which has a cylindrical shape and is specially treated to guarantee its correct fixation to the maxillary bone. A biocompatible surgical prosthesis whose function is to act as an artificial root where a tooth used to be and thus be able to place a fixed dental prosthesis.

In general, from the age of 18 (once growth is complete), anyone can get dental implants. Suppose the patient suffers from some disease or is being treated with any medication that interferes with the surgery. In that case, greater control will be required to achieve a satisfactory result in the intervention, but generally, it is not a limitation to place the implants.

The part of a dental embed

A dental implant comprises three core parts: the implant itself or Osseo integrated fixation, the abutment and the crown.

  • The dental implant is the device itself, which is inserted into the jawbone. It acts as the root and will anchor the components of the prosthesis. It generally looks like a screw.
  • The abutment is the piece that connects the body of the implant with the crown. Its function is to extend the body of the implant over the soft tissues.
  • The crown is the imitation of the natural tooth. It is the visible part of the implant that will give us great functionality and aesthetics.

Its biocompatible material favors the implant’s integration with the bone in a process called osseointegration. After this process, the artificial tooth or crown is placed, thus obtaining the natural appearance of the tooth.

In patients without enough bone for the placement of implants, we can resort to bone regeneration techniques or the placement of implants in areas other than the usual ones, which will help us to hold the prosthesis more easily. Zygomatic implants are fixed on the cheekbone (zygomatic) in those cases where there is not enough alveolar bone in the jawbone. Pterygoids are placed when little bone is available as an alternative to bone grafting or sinus lifts nailed to the pterygoid processes in the maxilla.

The placement of the implants

To place the implants, you have to perform a relatively simple intervention. It must be done in a completely sterile environment, with local anesthesia, in which the patient does not feel any pain.

The placement terms depend on the aesthetic and chewing needs and the amount and type of bone available. In the case of immediate load dental implants, the patient will leave the office with the dental implant and a provisional crown already in place. If the more traditional technique is chosen, the implant will need to be healed, osseointegrated and with enough stability to place the crown or another type of prosthesis on it. In this case, the osseointegration process will last approximately 8 to 12 weeks.

In the best hands, a dentist specialising in implantology

If you want your implantology treatment to be a complete success, you always have to put yourself in the hands of the best experts. A dentist specialising in implantology can advise you on the need for this treatment and what would be the best way to move toward it safely and successfully for your specific case.

Implants available to everyone

A new form of financing valid for y complete implantology tries tent that you need to perform. At  Luciano Balancelle Dental Clinic, we n a stamen financing plan that will allow you to pay for your implant treatments in comfortable installments. You can get a dental implant from only 45 euros per month, including the first reviews.

The requirements to apply for this financing plan are straightforward. If you are between 21 and 70 years old, have been working for more than a year and have a minimum income of 800 euros per month, you all have to come to the clinic and request financing for your treatment. Treatment approvals are always subject to a prior study and acceptance by the financial institution. This an excellent opportunity to carry out your implant treatment in one of the best dental clinics in Madrid, worry-free and with quality.


After we lose a tooth and restore it with an implant, the implant replaces the origin of the fang. The crown on the implant is the one to replace the tooth that we resolve finally see. In other words, the insert will be the support pillar of the future tooth. The implants in the teeth are generally screw-shaped so that they can be screwed into the bone where they will be positioned. Although they come in various shapes and tapers, the most common are screwed. Will you be able to consult our article: Are dental implants for life? Where we answer frequently asked questions about dental implants.

On the implant. In general terms, there are two types of implants in the teeth in the internal connection, the crown is connected inside the implant, and in the external link, the c, the town is resting on the implant. Today the most used is the internal connection because it has a series of advantages over the external one. Loosening of the prosthesis is less, and errors in implant placement can be corrected.

External connection is the one used initially, called the Brandmark type. Still, it is beginning to be less used due to the inconvenience of loosening, aesthetics in anterior teeth, and less possibility of correcting errors.

External connection implant

External connection is the one used initially, called the Brandmark type. Still, it is the foundation to be less used due to the inconvenience of loosening, aesthetics in front teeth, and less possibility of correcting errors.

titanium dental implants

Titanium is a material that has been used for a long time in dental clinics, thus being the definitive choice in many cases. It is the most biocompatible material that exists. The mechanism by which it joins the bone is called osseointegration, a mechanical bond that causes bone cells to adhere to the surface of the implant.

On the other hand, there are different materials with which implants can be made, such as ceramic, biocompatible and osseointegrate, due to the treatment of its surface, but without metals and with highly aesthetic results.

Characteristics of an excellent dental implant

An exemplary dental implant has to be durable and of quality, but often it will not depend solely on its configuration to meet these circumstances. And it is that the care after the surgical procedure is essential so that the implant lasts in the mouth as long as possible. The dentist and the patient must agree on all process stems implant placement so unpleasant surprises do not arise. Doing it correctly, implants can last many years in the patient’s mouth.

Strawman dental implants

His currently the market leader in dental implants. Strawman dental implants are high -end high-end and designed to repair bone situations with medium or low intensity. These implants adapt very quickly and also as an astonishing aesthetic component. The quality of the treatment ensures success in 99.3% of cases so that e time and cost of the entire procedure decrease decreasing run.


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