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BOTOX Write For Us – Half an hour of treatment, half a dozen punctures and voilà! You will see that your face rejuvenates for five years. The secret to her success? Choose an excellent professional and inform yourself.

It is the aesthetic procedure that women resort to the most and, yes, more and more men. And the truth is that on paper, everything is advantageous: a quick, painless treatment that leaves no trace and whose effects –eliminate the appearance of a tired face, opens the eyes and reduce wrinkles between the eyebrows and the eye contour– last about four months. A fantastic plan that no cosmetic can compete with. But it’s also true that the results are not always desired. We’ve all seen those expressions of infinite astonishment caused by shot eyebrows. Rising at impossible angles. Or the opposite: drooping eyebrows on the eyelids accentuating the problems we were trying to solve. That’s why has its dark side. To clear up doubts, Dr Leo Cerrud, an aesthetic doctor and specialist, answers the critical questions so that the treatment is a resounding success.

Should it be adapted to age, wrinkles or the physiognomy of the face?

Absolutely yes. To successfully use botulinum toxin, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the muscles involved in mimicking the face. There are muscle groups that ‘go up’, others that ‘down’, and others that ‘approach’. The toxin neutralizes some muscles to give priority to others and thus achieve the desired effect, which is different depending on the age and sex of the patient. “The fine line between the dose for a natural effect and a paralyzing one skinny, and knowing where this only given by experience,” says Card.

Can the same dose cause different reactions depending on the face?

Yes, aesthetic medicine is not an exact science. If we gave aspirin to three people with a migraine, chances are one would get rid of it, another wouldn’t, and the third might react to some kind of. The same thing happens with : there is a standard dose and some specific points, but the trick is personalising each quantity according to the wrinkles we want to attenuate or disappear. “That is why I like to carry out the treatment in two sessions: the first to infiltrate the toxin and the second to check the results and reinforce them if necessary”, explains the expert.

Can it be used around the lips and neck?

In the European Community, its use is only allowed in the upper third because we know that, when used properly, it works and a safe procedure. In the United States, itis also used on the neck to correct those bands similar to necklaces that appear around its contour, on the chin to improve the appearance of ‘stony’ chins that show relatively coarse orange-like skin, on the wrinkles of the mouth or to elevate the tip of the nose. Still, in all these cases, the risks of looking bad outweigh the results. I prefer not to.

Is it true that it causes headaches, or is it an urban legend?

No, he is not a legend. There is a considerable proportion of patients who suffer from post-headaches. It usually occurs four to six hours after the infiltration and does not last more than 24 hours, but it does happen. However, it is not severe and treated with paracetamol and patience.

Another urban legend: are there doctors who dilute Botox with other substances?

It’s absurd, illegal, and so easy to detect that I don’t think any severe professional would resort to it. A diluted  works poorly and does not last long, but the worst thing is that it causes unwanted effects, such as drooping eyelids, and nobody wants that for their patients.

Advice for those who want to get botox

Look for personal references, friends or acquaintances who have been using it for a long time; consult several specialists and choose the one with the most experience and confidence; Do not trust network stars; stay away from franchises, super offers and centres whose owners are not doctors.

Areas where botox is applied

a toxin that, when applied subcutaneously to the skin, causes muscle paralysis in the area to be treated. By administering it in a specific area, the contraction of those muscles that cause the formation of expression lines when they are in motion temporarily prevented. This means this substance effective only on dynamic wrinkles caused by facial gesticulation.

But where strictly applied? The areas in which it is administered the following:

frontal wrinkles

They the grooves produced by the contraction of the frontal muscle located in the forehead. By applying in this area, we managed to eliminate the formation of expression lines on the forehead, better known as barcodes.

periorbital wrinkles

Yes, this is the name by which the commonly called “crow’s feet” known. The contraction of the orbicularis oculi muscle forms these lines of expression.

Frown wrinkles

This is one of the areas where people apply the most since these wrinkles are prevalent and hardly respond to other treatments. The movement of the corrugator muscle wrinkles the frown, and its correction with is aesthetic and natural.

Many aesthetic centres currently offer to treat wrinkles around the lips, furrows in the neck and expression lines around the nose with . However, applying toxins in these areas not recommended by experts.

To treat the grooves in these areas, some treatments offer even better results than hyaluronic acid injections.

How long does the botox effect last?

The results of the application to improve the appearance of wrinkles are immediate. Although after the session, the person may have a slightly inflamed face due to the injection, a considerable improvement can be noticed as the hours go by.

offers a temporary tightening effect since, as the days, weeks and months go by, the muscle weakens again until it recovers its movement after six months. Therefore, we can say that this is the period that the effect lasts.

Once muscle mobility has recovered and the wrinkles have formed again, itnecessary to make a new application. ç

Always go to a professional!

The application of a procedure carried out through microinjections of botulinum toxin in the area to be treated. For the treatment to be as desired and to obtain successful results, it is necessary for the specialist to previously evaluate the person’sex face to determine in which places it is best to inject without affecting the appearance of other areas of the face.

Italso essential that the specialist knows how to calculate the necessary dose of toxin that must be injected according to the needs of each patient since the amount of that applied varies according to the state of each person’s skin.

Currently, it is easy to find many beauty centres that offer to apply , but they do not have the necessary expertise in this treatment. Not only it enough to know where the is used and what the process like, but it also essential to put yourself in the hands of an experienced specialist.

Much has  said about paralysing facial features, that it offers an artificial effect and that the person remains almost immobile. All these adverse effects are possible if you do not go to a professional centre attended by experts in aesthetic medicine and dedicated for years to applying botulinum toxin.

Facial rejuvenation with does not have to represent a health risk, much less cause unfortunate consequences. That is why it is essential that you go to your trusted aesthetic centre before falling into the temptation of miraculous offers and packages.

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