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Hairdresser Write For Us

Hairdressing is the custom of cutting and arranging hair practised by men and women from ancient times to the here day. Early records indicate that ancient Assyrians wore elaborate curly hairstyles; In contrast, the ancient Egyptians, both men and women, smooth-shaven their heads and wore wigs. Almost every public used ornate or straightforward headdresses. In 400 BC, several Greek women dyed their hair; In Roman times, death and money laundering were commonplace. Japanese women used hairspray (a precursor to modern hairspray) to set their elaborate hairstyles. The wig has gone in and out of style throughout history.

Hair care and chemical processes for colouring, waving, curling, straightening and conditioning hair. Beginning with the crude curling iron, women in ancient Rome used to create elaborate hairstyles. The hairdressing craft has been associated with various technological implements, ranging from simple combs. And bobby pins to hold the hair in place, too complex electric ones Devices for drying and drying range. By the 20th century, hairdressing and manufacturing materials and implements had become a wide-ranging occupation and practical art. See also barber; Wig.

Hairdressing Techniques:

Mustache, also spelt moustache, is hair grown over the upper lip. Since ancient times, wearing moustaches, like beards, has reflected a variety of customs, religious beliefs, and personal preferences. It was common not to distinguish between a moustache and other facial hair, such as a beard or moustache, as these were usually worn together. From 2650 BC-AD Egyptian artefacts show a pencilled moustache without a beard.

Controversy over facial hair has raged throughout history. When clean-shaven faces were stylish, moustaches and beards were considered eccentric and often had to be shaved by law. The Romans considered the Gauls’ wearing of beardless moustaches to be the epitome of barbarism. In 1447 an English law was passed requiring men to shave their upper lips, but some 400 years later, English soldiers were forbidden from shaving their upper lips. The French Army, Prussian Guards and Hussars wore moustaches in the early 19th century, other than in 1838, the King of Bavaria banned the wearing of moustaches in his army. Whenever moustaches have been sanctioned in fashion circles, they have taken various forms. Some countries still regulate wearing facial hair, usually in military service. In general, wearing a moustache is a matter of personal preference.

On many occasions, our hair is not ready to look as it should, and when this happens, we usually opt for the easy thing: a simple high or low bow. However, if we dedicate a little more time to the look, we can get hairstyles with very simple but beautiful braids.

Also, braids offer multiple options. Thus, we can opt for hairstyles with braids in which we collect all the hair, semi-collected or simply with all the hair loose. Do you want to know what we mean? We will show you!

collected with braids

If we want to collect all our hair, those contained with braids are a good option in these cases.

braid tail – HAIRDRESSER Write For Us

It is one of the most popular braided hairstyles out there. It is about making a medium or high ponytail from which we will begin to braid until the end. Thus, we will obtain a braided ponytail with which we can completely forget about the hair.

We can give this look two different breaths of air: dishevelled or formal. If we want to achieve that messy effect, it is enough to loosen the ponytail and loosen a few hairs from the front and the ears. On the contrary, if we are looking for formalism in the hairstyle, the ponytail should be somewhat tenser and without a hair out of it. To achieve this, we advise you to use a fixing product so that those hairs that do not move out of their place.

boxer braids

They became fashionable a few summers ago and continue to be one of the most versatile braided hairstyles.

Boxer braids divide the hair and begin to braid from the root in each part. In this way, we will get the braids to start at the beginning of the head, creating a collected effect that is very fashionable.

Ponytail with front braid

If we want to give our pigtails a different touch, we can start them with a small root braid at the front that ends just where the ponytail begins when it reaches the elastic.

In this way, we can wear a different and original ponytail.

mermaid braid

It could be said that the mermaid braid is the one that provides the most density and thickness effect to the hair.

It is a braid in which all the hair is collected, forming waves. To make it, you must make very fine pigtails that cross each other until the braid is formed.

Semi-collected with braids

The semi-collected is another of the options with which we can also create hairstyles with braids.

If we want to clear the hair from the face but without collecting all the hair, the semi-collected braids are the best option. We’ll give you some ideas!

headband with braid

With the headband with braid, we get an exquisite look.


The cascading hairstyle is another option if we want to wear a hairstyle with a braid.

The waterfall braid is formed from the roots, clearing the face and taking it to the back of the head. This hairstyle does not have to be very tight, but to make the braid look thick at the back, it must be loosened. This way, we will obtain a casual look.

Semi-collected with root braids

Another of the collected ones that we can do is with two root braids. These are done on both sides of the face but without taking the hair in its entirety. Just enough to keep the complexion clear.

loose hair with braids

Many times the tension that occurs in the scalp with the collected ones tends to make us choose to let our hair down. In these cases, we can also give it a different touch by adding braids of various types. Here we tell you how to do it.

baby braids

Baby braids are one of the trending hairstyles.

It makes loose braids around the face but leaves the hair open. In this way, those small braids can be intermingled with the rest of the hair. This way, we will achieve a much more youthful and casual look.

bubble braids

This hairstyle is very similar to the previous one, although changing the type of braid is carried out.

Bubble braids offer multiple possibilities; for the less skilled, it is a good option as they may be the easiest to do. It consists of taking strands of hair and adding thin scrunchies, forming ovals throughout the length of the hair.

Do not forget to take care of your hair health.

Braided hairstyles are in high demand, especially in summer when wearing loose hair is uncomfortable. They also help us achieve a more careful and elaborate look. But, even if we wear braids collected, we must not forget about hair care, especially after wearing tense hairstyles that cause us hair pain.

In cases where we notice a lack of density, hair loss or that our hair is not what it was before, capillary biostimulation and Dutasteride mesotherapy are two capillary treatments that can help us.

High ponytail, Juana Acosta’s favourite hairstyle, perfect for the summer season

The classics never fail, plus Juana Acosta proves it to us with her all-time favourite hairstyle: the high ponytail. A simple but very effective updo that can accompany us 24/7, adapting to all kinds of styles and situations.

Although Juana Acosta makes us fall in love with her loose curly hair and total volume, the truth is that the actress has a perfect favourite hairstyle for this summer. Ideal for facing the heat wave with style, her classic proposal and ease of achieving from home have proven to hide infinite versatility. Whether for everyday life or a red carpet, the star of “They Came at Night” reminds us that we can achieve everything with very little. Whether it’s to go to a presentation, to face the workday, to step on the red carpet or even as an idea to dress up a guest look: a high ponytail is always a good option, and if it comes with a messy finish, even better. Playing with the part of the hair, every day, we can opt for the same hairstyle but vary in style.


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