Beauty products for men and women – Caring for and preserving skin and hair is not something exclusive to women. Men also love a clean, fresh face, neat beard, and controlled hair. If you don’t know how to get into the topic of beauty for men, we recommend the essential products that will make a big difference in your face and hair.

It is not surprising that some men have incorporated specific beauty products into their grooming routine to care for their aesthetics. And, while some are “just for them”, there are many that could ideally share or borrow from a woman.

1. Autobronzeante

The product is highly requested by men and could be shared by women. This product allows the skin colour to look even, does not stain and can be used on the face and body.

2. Hair wax

It is a transparent paste that gives shine to the hair. Women use it to improve hairstyles, and men to provide a better appearance.

3. Dark Circles Concealer

Men look for creams to improve their appearance, and the pencil to correct dark circles is highly requested by them, and they apply it in shady areas or with spots.

4. BB Cream

It works to even skin tones; both men and women use the product daily. Moisturises the skin and protects it from the sun, illuminates it, and hides imperfections.

5. Face soap

Men and women use neutral soap because facial skin is much more delicate. In case of acne or blemishes, exfoliating gel soaps are very effective.

6. Lip balm

Like us, men tend to dry out their lips, which is why lip balm became a product for both genders.

7. Body wash with moisturiser

The skin of the body also requires care. If you don’t like to slather on the cream after bathing, save yourself a step by buying a moisturising or moisturising body shampoo.

8. Wrinkle creams

Men do not want their wrinkles to be noticed, which is why creams have become extremely popular today. They have thicker, oilier skin with a more significant amount of collagen and elastin, which means that male skin dehydrates less and ages more slowly than women.

Taking care of their appearance and personal hygiene is for both men and women; that is why men also deserve and should keep themselves groomed.

Although some are not convinced, they also need them!