How to organize beauty products in the bedroom – We tell you how to manage your beauty products while at home so that you use everything you have and make your routine more efficient.

This is how you should organise your beauty products for a more efficient routine!

We will tell you how to organise your beauty products during this time of being at home. So that you use everything you have and make your routine more efficient!

If you usually mess with your beauty products, surely indeedie off from quarantine is excellent, as this way, you can put order and prevent your cosmetics from going rancid (without taking advantage of them).

And yes, you’re probably lazy just thinking you have to, but here’s how to efficiently organise your beauty products to make your beauty investment worthwhile. Follow all the tips!

Tip 1: Separate by categories

The primary thing you have to do is divide your hair, face, makeup and body products. Once you have a section of each one, we recommend separating it by sub-categories. For example, speaking of skincare, put creams in one space, serums in another, and so on with each type of product. You will do the same with the makeup: a section with shadows, another with bases, one more with powders, etc.

Tip 2: Check expiration dates

Now, check the expiration date of each product, looking for an icon like the one in the following image. The number indicates the months of use after opening. Once you have identified it, check each of your cosmetics or treatments and stick a small label to the side, writing the month you opened it so you know how much longer you can continue using it. Those already expired will have to be thrown away, so they don’t cause skin problems!

TIP G: Do you have a product with a thanxpiration date, but it is broken? Learn how to recover makeup when it dries or cracks. You won’t have to throw it away or spend on a new one!

Tip 3: Let’s clean!

Before you get to the next step, you must clean the surfaces of each product with disinfectant wipes or solutions. You must do this process at least once every two weeks to avoid forming bacteria and microbes and prevent them from coming into contact with the skin.

Tip 4: Order with strategy

Now, the funniest part has arrived, which consists of accommodating each sub-category in organisers. To the front, you will put the products that are about to expire and to the back, those that you have recently opened or those that are still in the box.

In the case of makeup products, do the same and put forward those pieces that will make you leave your comfort zone. For example, coloured eyeliners that you never use, foundations with unique textures or eyeshadow palettes that sometimes you don’t even want to touch. It’s time to experiment with them!

Tip 5: Let go

You have to be very honest with those new products that you do not love or have only tried once. If you know you won’t use them, you better save them and give them away.

Learning to let go is an essential exercise in life that you must begin to apply in small actions like these. We recommend keeping the collection and actual products in your beauty routine, like those mentioned in the Marie Kondo method.

Tip 6: Locate the organizers in the best space

Well, you have each organizer with products, and now it’s time to put them in their place. Place them in a space where you can see them so that you occupy everything (if you can put a mirror in front of it, better), and try to make it a relaxed, dry environment without direct sunlight so that its function is not altered if you have a mini-fridge, store anti-inflammatory masks, patches and eye contours to enhance their action.

Tip 7: Don’t forget the tools

Everything is almost ready; only the beauty tools are missing. On the part of skincare, such as facial rollers, electronic devices, and gua-sha, among others, wash them as usual with a facial cleanser, dry them and store them in a place where they will not be mistreated or get a lot of dust.

Regarding makeup, follow the correct way to clean makeup brushes without damaging them. It would help if you also placed them in a cool, dry place. Finally, wipe down the heat tools and store them in the side drawer of your hair products.

Now yes, you are done, and your new job is to keep each space intact after using all the products (in addition to taking risks with the ones you used the least). Make it a short-term beauty goal!

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