Microneedling has become a go-to solution for individuals seeking to enhance their skin texture, whether through professional treatments or at-home procedures using advanced needling devices. Also known as controlled skin injury, this technique creates an opportune environment for the integration of stem cell serums to enhance their effects by inflicting the epidermis with micro-injuries that will boost topical and substance absorption. Various tools, from hand-held rollers to derma stamping devices and micro-infusion tools, can be used to facilitate this treatment, depending on individual preferences and the targeted areas for treatment.

The technique of microneedling has become a staple in clinics and medical spas because of the near-instant aesthetic benefits that it provides, including improved skin texture, reduced pore size, and effective treatment of acne scarring. The minute and deliberate skin injuries inflicted during the treatment prompt the skin into its regenerative cycle to heal and replenish old cells, and because it is a very controlled procedure, it guarantees a safe and effective approach to skin rejuvenation. As the demand for effective skincare solutions rises, the spotlight will shift to innovations that can amplify the benefits of microneedling.

One such breakthrough is the Professional Serum from CALECIM® Professional, which is a formula hosting a powerhouse of rejuvenating elements derived from ethically sourced stem cells. At the forefront of stem cell skincare, the Professional Serum stands out with its unique composition that contains 80% of the PTT-6® ingredient, which is a patented, powerful blend of growth factors and exosomes designed to strengthen, protect, and rejuvenate the skin. PTT-6® plays a pivotal role in delivering essential elements like hyaluronic acid, soluble collagen, fibronectin, and active proteins directly to the dermis. This initiates immediate skin regeneration processes, sending ‘youth messages’ to skin cells and stimulating them to restore and repair themselves.

Clinical trials have demonstrated that CALECIM®’s PTT-6®-infused skincare proves valuable when used in conjunction with in-clinic procedures like microneedling. It complements the cellular healing processes instigated by the treatment, recreating the healing environment of much younger skin and providing the injured skin cells with stronger signals to heal more efficiently. As a recommended post-procedure salve, The Professional Serum can offer immediate relief from the swelling, redness, and discomfort that accompanies microneedling, thus contributing to an overall positive experience for patients. Physicians are advised to apply the serum post-procedure, while at-home users are instructed to adhere to device instructions, ensure their microneedling tool has been sterilized and avoid active acne areas when using it.

Utilizing the serum following a microneedling session becomes integral to a post-treatment routine, as it is infused with stem cell proteins and exosomes that aid greatly in skin repair and revitalization. These powerful proteins communicate efficiently with the skin cells to initiate the healing response within the epidermis, resulting in a shorter time spent recovering and enhanced outcomes from the procedure. Application of the serum should be a gentle rubbing into the skin using small, circular motions to allow for full absorption, and users will experience a soothing effect in the afterglow.

Extra guiding tips for at-home microneedling that would deliver a safe and effective experience would be to use needles 0.25mm or smaller in diameter as it minimizes the risk of skin damage, to sterilize the needles before use, and to incorporate gentle rolling motions over the facial zones. Regular needle replacement is also recommended for optimal results.

For individuals incorporating microneedling into their home-care regimen, the synergy of CALECIM®’s Professional Serum and their Multi-Action Cream delivers results beyond what the procedure alone can achieve.

In addition to that, using the entire range holds a host of perks, like restoring lost volume, improving skin elasticity and plumping, boosting hydration levels in the cells, eliminating fine lines and pigmentation, and enhancing skin texture, radiance, and glow. For example, the Multi-Action Cream speeds up epidermal cell turnover to a 28-day cycle (an ideal duration), and another of their products—the Recovery Night Complex—seals the skin barrier to reduce transepidermal water loss. Ultimately, the mix of growth factors, exosomes, peptides, and proteins in the PTT-6® ingredient present in all of CALECIM®’s skincare acts as a supporting player, assisting in triggering the skin’s own natural healing process and giving it a boost. The ability of the PTT-6® component to stimulate skin cell mobility, facilitate the skin’s overall restoration, and produce anti-inflammatory proteins has been thoroughly demonstrated in lab studies.

Cosmeceuticals are known to be the more favorable choice against over-the-counter beauty products, as they have undergone more thorough research in development, contain stronger concentrations of active ingredients that boost their efficacy, work faster, and require smaller amounts to deliver results. This is evident in CALECIM®’s PTT-6® component, which is clinically proven to increase skin density by 600%, hyaluronic acid production by over 80%, elastin production by 56%, skin cell production by 42%, and accelerate skin repair.

Therefore, the skincare ingredients and products used after and between treatments are vital for maximizing long-term results and enhancing the benefits, in addition to shortening the recovery duration and making the recuperation process more comfortable for patients. Physicians and dermatologists who have used CALECIM®’s stem cell skincare on patients in their post-microneedling routines know it to be an indispensable aid for its unique skin-restoring properties and high user satisfaction.

The brand is quickly growing to be the cosmetologist’s aftercare treatment of choice for its undeniable and fast-acting properties in clinics, as well as a stable patient favorite for at-home usage to help bolster microneedling effects and soothe the recovery process. As the demand for effective and science-backed skincare continues to grow, the combination of microneedling as a cosmetic procedure and stem cell solutions like CALECIM®’s Professional Serum is proving to be a winning formula for radiant and rejuvenated skin.