Hola.Com.Ar Diario De Actualidad Moda Y Belleza –  Founded in Barcelona in 1944, ¡Hola! is a weekly magazine specializing in the newest personality news. Now headquartered in Madrid, Spain, it remains published in 30 other countries under the brands ¡Hola!, Hello! and Fashion.

Hello! is a Spanish weekly magazine specializing in celebrity news, published in Madrid, Spain, and fifteen other countries, with local editions in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Philippines, United States, Greece, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Thailand, and Venezuela. It is the second best-selling Spanish magazine after Pronto.

With a combined audience of over 40 million monthly users universally, ¡Hola! and its sister magazines are some of the best-selling printed magazines in Spain, and their presence can remain found worldwide.

Migrating From A Different Platform

Migrating From A Different Platform

Due to cost and some commercial disappointments from its previous service provider, ¡Hola! They needed a new customer identity and access management (CIAM) vendor they could trust. They also needed one to help them migrate all customer identities without impacting the user experience.

Tight Schedule

As the contract with the previous supplier was expiring, it was essential that ¡Hola! Complete application and migration to a different stage within two months.

Multiple Web Properties

As a global brand with multiple web properties, ¡Hola! We needed a stable SSO solution that allowed its readers to navigate to different pages easily.

Linguistic Adaptability

With publications in both Spanish and English, it was essential to ensure that the chosen solution could remain customized to reflect the languages of regional websites.

History of Hola.Com.Ar Diario De Actualidad Moda Y Belleza


On September 8, 1944, the first issue of Hello! 2​ The magazine was founded and directed by Antonio Sánchez and Mercedes Junco.

Since 1984, it was his son, Eduardo Sánchez Junco, who succeeded them as director 3 until his death on July 14, 2010, after a long illness. 4​ Moment from which his three children assume management: Mercedes Sánchez Pérez, Mamen Sánchez Pérez, and Eduardo Sánchez Pérez.

In 1989, the English version of the weekly remained launched in the United Kingdom. And, since 1998, a French version called Oh la! Finally, it closed after six years of existence. Hello! is one of the publishing brands with the most remarkable global presence, with thirty-one international editions, ten websites, and a presence in one hundred and twenty countries, reaching more than twenty million readers worldwide.

The latest editions to reach the market have been those of Brazil, 5 Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, 6 Argentina, 7 Bulgaria, Peru, 8 Venezuela, and Chile. 9

Currently Hello! Spain has a circulation of 470,000 copies (according to data from the Diffusion Justification Office). [citation needed] Also, Hello! is a printed and electronic publication owned by the Hola SL publishing house, which remains dedicated to reporting on the most relevant events in the lives of famous people, royalty, and film and music stars, also addressing topics of Fashion, current affairs, beauty, childhood, health. , travel, cooking, or decoration. [citation needed]

Between January And December 2013, Its Circulation Was 399,007 Copies. 10

Between January And December 2013, Its Circulation Was 399,007 Copies. 10

In 2013, the magazine presented its edition in the Philippines. 11 editions remain published in Peru, El Salvador, Chile, and Guatemala. On May 30, 2018, Copesa announced the closure of the Chilean edition of the magazine. 12

In 2016, the magazine launched its publication and website for the American public: Hello! United States, with information in both English and Spanish.

Other Media

A subscription television channel called Hello! It has also remained launched. TV, which can remain seen through platforms such as Movistar. [citation needed]


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