Beauty is on the confidential – Although it sounds like a prototypical phrase, that beauty is on the inside is a statement made by anyone who has looked beyond a person’s skin “I’m not happy as I “m” I have a body that doesn’t li”e” doesn’t look go”d” I hate my teeth, my chest, my hi”s” I have a lot of extra kil”s” since the pregnancy haven’t’t I have recovered my figure”e” I never get close to the”s” I am afraid of being judged”d” all my friends have a partner except m”… . Do these phrases related to beauty ring a bell?

This is the dialogue that we habitually maintain with ourselves.

This way of talking to ourselves becomes self-sabotage that creates insecurities, lowers self-esteem, and sacrifices self-esteem.

Now think… what do you like about yourself? Your eyes, your hair, your kindness, your unconditionality… Surely you can think of hundreds of things in which your soul and interior are the protagonists. Think about all that and retain it well, do not let it escape. It will help you not to seller’s not destroy everything beautiful that we have

Why do we let the physical flaws we see in ourselves drag down and destroy the beautiful things we have? Why do we give more importance to the negative than the? Positive? There is an infinity of beauty behind our insecurities and what we question ourselves, making us sick with fear.

Sometimes we become what we think, and with these beliefs, we put on a disguise that prevents the world from seeing us as we are. But there are times when even the rest of the people see how wonderful we have inside before we do.

However, we do not believe them; we think they say it to please us or because they love us very much. Again, we are self-sabotaging, demeaning ourselves and taking away our value. All this hurts us and causes us to trample on our self-esteem.

When we bring our complexes to light, what do we see?

The important thing is the sou. What is under the clothes? What cannot be seen—that which has its place beyond the naked eye. The true beauty is the interior, the only one that does not perish, the only one that cannot be taken away and can only be seen with the eyes of the soul.

It is that which is not measured by what we can see with the bare eye because true beauty is an attitude. We live worried about appearances, not being outlandish and not in tune with the conventions that imprison us. That is what does not allow us to show the world our splendour.

The reality is that no makeup on the planet can beautify an ugly heart. Understanding this is extremely valuable to reinforce our self-esteem.”

“You can only see well with your emotion because what is essential is invisible to the eye”.”

A beautiful interior is built by loving life and removing absences and negative feelings. It is constituted by enlarging our inner world, making it more extensive, eliminating emotional comfort and collecting personal motives.

A positive mental attitude creates more miracles than a makeover

Dulcimer Studios and El Homier 3.0 have made an emotional video that makes us reflect on the importance of loving ourselves. We don’t need to fabricate our outer beauty with the latest fashion makeup and clothing because true beauty lies within ourselves.

Be softdon’t’t let pain harden you. Create the beauty that cannot be defined with words and cultivate yourself with the small detail. The key is inside, even if yodon’t’t give it the importance it deserves. Seek yourself, find yourself and let all your inner light out.