Six ways to find a niche in the world of fashion – The success of new brands such as El Ganso, Bimba y Lola, Klint or Hawkers, born from entrepreneurial projects and which have managed to take away a significant portion of the market from industry giants, is increasingly encouraging new entrepreneurs to attack this sector. Most base their bet on the design, which is very personal. Others, looking for blue oceans, market spaces that, incredible as it may seem, had never been occupied. Here we offer you a selection of some of those projects, which give us some keys to succeeding in the fashion world.

Create interactive products: Mapanda,

children’s fashion with a lot of stories, you read it right. Play clothes focused on children from 3 months to 11 years. The idea of ​​its founder, Lucía Román, is to create a unique link between the clothes that children wear and the experiences they live through them. And above all, it encourages the creativity and fancy of the little ones.

And it does so through a QR code that it includes on the label of its garments so that they can access the stories that the garments tell through the firm’s video stories: Mapanda Stories. In them, the characters printed on the clothes become the undisputed protagonists.

It is also a responsible firm. A value that every day is more important for the consumer. It is made with organic cotton and defends local manufacturing – all its garments are produced in Europe – although it has an international projection aimed at conscientious mothers and fathers. It also exploits the concept of slow fashion or fashion outside of trends, with sustainable production cycles promoting responsible consumption.

Find a niche within a niche: Caviro Sport.

Sports fashion for women and creates an international brand to make it great. This is the idea of ​​the founder of Caviro Sport, Marta Araujo, who has opted for sports fashion focused exclusively on women. And specifically for women who practice yoga, fitness or gymnastics, the majority of athletes. A niche in which the Inditex Oysho brand has reigned for several years and in which the voices of independent entrepreneurs were lacking. Strange, strange, considering that sports textile fashion moves 2,000 million euros in Spain.

Araujo also adds very modern concepts, such as exclusivity (collections that are not repeated), quality (soft fabrics adapted to the sweat of the skin) and a global concept (fashion for an international market made with products from here).

Manufacture sustainably: Future Humans, fashion that reuses everything

This firm from Barcelona wants to revolutionize the fashion world by applying a lot of technology to style. Technology to transform plastic bottles, fishing nets, discarded fabrics… and any reusable waste into kind to avoid the environmental impact of irresponsible consumption. That, without giving up the design. In this case, timeless and minimalist fashion.

Future Humans ‘ commitment to sustainability also extends to caring for animals: all garments are vegan. A promise they guarantee through the traceability of their attire: on the labels, they mark each piece’s positive impact on the environment.

Look for values ​​for your brand: Miller&Marc; handmade and socially responsible glasses.

Yes, there is life beyond Hawkers, and the best example is this Spanish firm that has just received a round of 201,750 euros to continue with its international expansion plan. What’s so special? Like Hawkers, design at a reasonable price. Although in this case, we are talking about prescription glasses – also sunglasses – designed in Spain and handcrafted in Italy. Miller&Marc; It aspires to become the Spanish Warby Parker, with a model based on the online and offline channels and prices almost without competition: 89 euros for a pair of glasses with graduated lenses and home delivery.