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Author: glamourgenix

All about puberty

All about puberty

All about puberty – Yes, the word is a bit weird – but what is puberty? Puberty is the name given to the time when you start to develop and when your body goes through changes that turn you from a child into an adult.  During adolescence,…

Why does the skin lose pigmentation?
Beauty and Fashion, Skin

Why does the skin lose pigmentation?

Why does the skin lose pigmentation – The causes of the lack of melanin are numerous, and in addition to being an aesthetic problem, we must consider the protocol for its treatment. Skin colour is established by the pigment known as melanin. On some occasions,…

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Pregnant or arranging a pregnancy?

Pregnant or arranging a pregnancy – Now is the perfect time to ponder your circulatory strain, regardless of whether you’ve never had hypertension. About a portion of pregnancy entanglements, for example, having a preterm child, are connected with hypertension. Pregnancy entanglements likewise increment your endanger of…


The skin

The skin – Diabetes can affect all body parts, including the skin. There are skin problems that anyone can have, while others are specific to diabetes. General skin conditions People with diabetes are more prone to common skin conditions, including bacterial and fungal infections and…


The advance of the COVID-19

The advance of the COVID-19 pandemic has made evident the need to transform cities into healthier places. Various countries are implementing measures to promote cycling and walking as safe and healthy means of transport. Some are taking advantage of this crisis to launch green infrastructure plans in urban environments and reinforce the 2030…

Is it bad if a skin tag turns black_
Beauty and Fashion, Skin

Is it bad if a skin tag turns black?

Is it bad if a skin tag turns black – Most skin tags are harmless. However, those that develop into long, narrow stems can twist, reducing blood flow to the growth. If this occurs, the skin tag may turn black or dark brown. A person can talk to…

Beauty and Fashion, Products

Eyeliner: What is the best of 2022?

Eyeliner – Putting on makeup is a way to pamper yourself, enhance natural beauty and improve the appearance that we want to show. Currently, many women use cosmetics such as eyeliner or eyeliner to highlight some of their facial features and hide others in order to feel more…