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Author: glamourgenix

Eating disorders
Fitness, Lifestyle

Eating disorders

Eating disorders – Anorexia is an unfortunately well-known eating disorder. Many people think it is the only one, but this is not true. In addition, there are many myths about TCAs that we will debunk below. Eating behaviour disorder (ED), what is it? It is…

Beauty and Fashion, Products

Top 5 Retinol Creams of 2022

Retinol Creams – Skincare is one of the topics of great interest today. Hence the importance of knowing the elements that contribute to keeping the skin in its best conditions. One such element is retinol. To obtain all the positive effects, you can use retinol…


Calisthenics: Definition, Benefits And Exercises

Calisthenics is an increasingly popular exercise practice. Although it has become known in recent years, it is an ancient form of training. It involves great resistance. In city areas, it is public to see facilities that favor calisthenics. It is important to note that having…


All about Avocado: Properties, Benefits, and Calories

All about Avocado: Properties, Benefits, and Calories – Avocado has been one of the most fashionable foods for some years now. It has become one of the favourite fruits to be part of our breakfasts and make guacamole or as part of salads. In addition,…

Lose Weight
Fitness, Lifestyle

15 Tips to Lose Weight Beyond Diets

Lose Weight – Eating a healthy diet is essential to losing weight, but following some tips and tricks will also help you in this new stage of losing weight. When we want to reach a certain weight, we try to do everything in our power…

Abdominal Training

4 Exercises For Your Abdominal Training

Abdominal Training – There are many reasons why the human body can lose its ideal shape. One of them is the lack of exercise. The abdominals are one of the fastest body parts that can lose their condition. But, with abdominal exercises, it is possible…

Six-Pack In Summer

5 Exercises to have the Best Six-Pack In Summer

Six-Pack In Summer – Marking the abdomen area is the goal of true fitness lovers. Of course, it requires effort, regularity, and decision. But, if you want to enjoy a magazine cover physique this summer, you should get “on the job now.” And, is that…

Why do I feel sad
Glamour Genix

Why do I feel sad?

Why do I feel sad – “I’m fine” is one of the most coordinated responses to the question “How are you?”. Sometimes we use it almost automatically, without being authentic, not wanting to go into details, afraid to express our emotions, and even knowing that…

Heatless Hair
Beauty and Fashion, Products

We Tried the Heatless Hair Tool

Introduction Heatless Curls are nothing new. Black women in particular have been using tools like flexible rods for years. They’ve been trending on the app since the initial shutdown, as many women took the time to completely cut heat styling out of their routines last…