Personal care and beauty tips for women – Beauty is a right of all women. And it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Read on and find out our simple personal care tips.

Looking good is feeling good; feeling good is looking good. Personal care and beauty go hand in hand. You project what you are and what you have inside.

It is not only a question of aesthetics but of health and well-being, both physically and emotionally. You can’t even care for others if you don’t see how to take care of yourself.

What does personal care mean?

Must. And it doesn’t have to be something just for the stars of the seventh art or music. It is a right for all women.

Self-care can be defined, according to Dorothea Personal care and beauty tips

Almost all health issues are also beauty issues and vice versa. Hence, the advice we offer you below is to make you feel good about confidentiality and look respectable on the outside.

1. Make-up well

Makeup makes you look beautiful. You convey the look of a well-groomed person, not ragged or unkempt. In addition, it helps you highlight your best features and hide those less flattering details.

Also, use the right products for your skin type. But if you don’t want to ruin your face, makeup well, avoiding excess. Remember that abusing is one of the folks evil conducts that age you.

Orem is an activity directed towards ourselves to achieve well-being. Now, when we talk about personal care, the health field is transcended. It covers everything that has to do with the physical, the mental, the emotional and spiritual.

Personal care demands the ability to observe, analyze and self-evaluate in different facets. Not all of these actions have to be performed by the person. Personal care involves the performance of professionals in various areas.

Although, of course, most of the responsibility is borne by the person himself. Therefore, there must be some investment of time, effort or resources to achieve wellness. This does not mean a waste or an excessive alteration of the routine. There are ways to take care of yourself and feel good with minimal expenditure of time and money.

2. The base is not the base

The foundation should only cover a few blemishes and achieve an even tone. If you go too far, your face and makeup will look unnatural, your skin won’t sweat, and it will age quickly.

3. Always remove makeup

Remove makeup permanently every night. Never keep your makeup on when you go to sleep. Not even if you’re going to be at someone else’s house and you don’t want them to see you naturally. Recall that the best way to do it is by using make-up remover wipes.

It is essential to permanently remove your makeup every night. In this way, adverse effects on the skin are prevented.

4. The lifespan of makeup

Both makeups implement and cosmetic products have a useful life. Every so often, you have to change them. On average, they expire after six months.

After that, they will no longer have the same effectiveness. They can even cause you harm. According to studies, expired or expired cosmetic products have contamination by pathogenic microorganisms.

5. Clean the implements

Approximately every 15 days, you should clean the various implements you use to make up, such as brushes and the like. Don’t forget that they can accumulate bacteria and dead skin cells.

6. Wash or clean the face

The recommended one is a mild cleanser, not just soap and water, for the beginning. Washing the face many times affects the natural lipid barrier. Also, cleaners are more effective at removing dust and makeup residue.

7. Smooth skin

If smooth skin is what you want, use soaps or bath gels made from natural products, such as oatmeal, aloe vera, coconut, almond or olive oil. Although each has its properties, these natural products offer many benefits.

8. Your skin feeds

Also, remember to nourish your skin. Include carrots, spinach, watercress, chard, onions, cucumber, avocado, walnuts, grapefruit and green tea in your diet. You can use vitamin C supplements as a supplement.

9. Get rid of dead cells

Periodically, use an exfoliant to remove dead cells that accumulate in the stratum corneum, thus promoting the skin’s renewal process. There are homemade and natural exfoliants that you can do yourself.

10. Photoprotection

The damage that the sun can produce on the skin has been extensively studied and described, both from the point of view of health and aesthetics: burns, irritation, photoaging, and photocarcinogenesis. Therefore, you should use sunscreen.

11. Moisture

Whether you have dry, normal, or oily skin, apply body cream immediately after showering. This way, you will keep moisture for longer. If the skin loses moisture, it becomes rough and tight,, accentuating wrinkles. You can hydrate the skin with natural products.

12. Hydration

Speaking of hydration, it is essential to clarify that you can do it from the outside with moisturizing creams. But it is advisable to thirst-quencher 2 litres of water a day.

By being hydrated, not only will your skin look healthier, but you will also feel better and have energy. Likewise, hydration prevents kidney damage and decreases inflammation.

13. Secrets of silky hair

Include in your diet foods rich in omega 3, protein and antioxidants, vitamin C (citrus) and other vitamins (vegetables, nuts). You can take a supplement that contains biotin for hair.

14. Your hands speak

We are not only referring to gestures or emphasis, but the skin of the hands and the care of the nails reveal a lot about you and that you must attend to. Use special moisturizing creams, and do not abuse washing. File your nails and use good quality nail polishes.

15. Your posture too

Not only is it aesthetically unappealing, but a slouched posture leads to health problems, from back, neck and headache pain to fatigue and respiratory problems. Staying upright avoids these problems and transmits confidence.