Heatless Curls are nothing new. Black women in particular have been using tools like flexible rods for years. They’ve been trending on the app since the initial shutdown, as many women took the time to completely cut heat styling out of their routines last year. I’ve seen videos that use everything from socks, fabric scraps, and smoke belts to traditional foam rollers and Velcro instead of curling irons. While all of these tricks worked, in my opinion, none delivered full, voluminous, shiny curls quite like a heatless hair device.

Heatless Hair – Notwithstanding recordings of frugality pulls, tiny chihuahuas, and groundbreaking recipes for pesto eggs, my TikTok for You page has been serving me gratified about those Heatless Hair apparatuses left and right. The recordings are fascinating: Women fold their long hair over what’s going on with everything’s essentially an enigmatically digestive-looking stuffed headband and afterwards emulate the progression of time. Then they eliminate this headband and shake out past amazing waves.

We Tried the Heatless Hair Tool

We Tried the Heatless Hair Tool

The unit, which retails for $42, accompanies the 100 per cent silk Curling Ribbon, two silk scrunchies, and a matching hook cut. The procedure is genuinely direct, as the recordings flood my feed. Begin with damp or dry hair, spot the strip over your head like a headband, using the clasp to hold it. Turn hair segments around the strip, adding more to each part as you go, and attach the areas at the base with the scrunchies. Rest, hit the exercise centre, hang out for a couple of hours, and shake out for beautiful twists afterwards. It appears to be adequately simple.

There is a proviso: Most ladies in the recordings I see had comparable hair types — straight yet voluminous, smooth, and past their shoulders. To truly scrutinise it, I enrolled four Glamor editors with different surfaces, from flimsy and pin-directly to thick and wavy. Peruse on for our legitimate Heatless Hair surveys.

Jenny Singer, staff writer 

I honestly preferred this! I have in the middle between wavy to-wavy hair that I generally blow-dry straight since it doesn’t air-dry consistently. Favour every individual who goes through hours and 26-step processes cajoling out their regular twists — it’s simply not my thing. I attempted many, many froth rollers and winding curling irons when I was a youngster, and all the more as of late, I tried the TikTok loading twist hack and different “plait your wet hair around evening time!”- type styling tips. These seldom look better compared to my regular hair, despite practically everything.

This was exceptionally simple to utilise — I ran a tad of Carol’s Daughter Divine Strength Leave-In Crème through my wet hair and folded my hair over the twisting device, adding extra segments with each wrap. I approached my work-from-home day, concluding that I didn’t look moronic — I seemed to be a middle age princess. I shook my hair out when it fingered dry. These twists look significantly more characterised and clean than other heatless styling stunts I’ve attempted. The twists aren’t generally so unique as they would be if I utilised heat. Yet here and there, I like this more because of these looks. Dislike those showy, unique barrel twists.

Talia Abbas, associate commerce editor

I never felt more prepared for a Marie Antoinette appearance than strolling around the house with my Heatless Hair roller stuck. I most certainly wasn’t hoping to magically transport my hair-care routine to the Louis XVI period when I previously opened up the roller. However, I’m not griping. The sticking and rolling was a much-needed development from the blow-drying. I’m utilised to — and I valued how straightforward the guidelines were to observe.

The brand suggested separating wet hair into two sections and then folding it over the roller clockwise or counterclockwise. I picked the previous one. However, it promptly demonstrated trying for my thick hair. Also, I expected to separate the two sections into three extra parts on each side before I could get to winding. I kept everything protected around the roller with the silk scrunchies and the paw cut until my hair was around 90% air-dry; then, at that point, I let the twists bob down. I applied a hydrating oil after that for a bit of sparkle. I’m satisfied with the outcomes considering it was my most memorable endeavour. However, I figure in the future, I’ll blow-dry my hair first to limit the frizz from air drying.

Bella Cacciatore, beauty writer

Not to gloat, but I have great hair (relax, my skin more than compensates for it). It’s somewhere close to straight and wavy and does essentially anything I desire it to with little fight. So I figured I’d make some simple memories with the Heatless Hair. After midway blow-drying my hair and applying some Pantene smoothing serum, it took me two attempts to get what I felt were even hair segments — I’ve never been a decent braider. Getting them folded firmly over the lace likewise took a couple of attempts. Yet when I sorted that out, it was sufficiently straightforward.

The following morning I found the side I dozed on had wholly dropped out, while the other stayed as firmly wrapped as the previous night. I preferred the two outcomes — fun yet not prom-y twists on one side, looser ocean side waves on the other — and both were more appealing as the day continued and got somewhat more lived-in. I wish the two sides were coordinated, so from here on out, I’ll pop this on for a couple of hours during the day to dodge my side-dozing ways.

Anna Madeleine, deputy editor

My hair is stuck straight and has its very own brain. Most mornings, I simply air-dry and allow it to do its thing — so I was somewhat distrustful. You generally need what you can’t have; I’ll take a stab at anything that vows to convey excellent waves without heat. The directions were clear, and I had the option to get my hair set up without an excess of issues.

I kept it shorthair heatless. In the first part of the day, I awakened to the bounciest twists of my life. It seemed as though I had recently left the salon. However! I made the awful blunder of not utilising any item or hairspray, so my hair was level again soon. I’ll UT headband take more and gain from my errors.

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