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YHAIR ACCESSORIES Write For Us – We should not underestimate the importance of hair accessories in complementing a look. It’s those little details that, placed precisely where they’re needed, can take your outfits to the next level. This year you are going to want to turn the page on boring accessories and hairstyles; having so many fun and risky options, you are going to have to risk using at least one of the many trends in hair accessories that were imposed during the year.

At parties, women want to be perfect from their feet -and above all to their heads. Stipulation you are one of those who seek to take care of every detail of your outfit to achieve looks worthy of a new profile picture on Facebook, we encourage you to look at the variety of hair accessories that fashion houses make available to you. to make it.

Bows or ribbons to give a romantic touch

No hair accessory is more romantic than bows. A supplement that works with any type of hairstyle is effortless if we know the correct technique to tie them. Projections have the quality of adding that special touch to the easiest hairstyles and showing that you put a little extra effort into your hairstyle.

If you were thinking of wearing a braid for the holidays, this is the best way to add a bow to your hairstyle and highlight it by adding a bow to the end of your braid to hide any bra. Another option that works with this hairstyle can be adding a lake and a pin to the middle of your braid.

A bow does not necessarily have to be related to a braid. This fun hairstyle shows us how we can channel the 60s vibes with a high-volume hairstyle and add a bow in the high ponytail sample bun.

Hair clips with stones and glitter

The first place of the most functional accessories for your hair goes to this group of clips. By exploring different styles of barrette applications, and also playing around with the amount you add to your hair, you can achieve an endless number of different looks.

These spiked and pearl brooches are the perfect demonstration of how we can play with the sweet and, at the same time, audacious side of an outfit, thus complementing a look, for example, a lot of tulles combined with leather.

For those who prefer to keep the barrette game as casual as possible, this hairstyle teaches us a barrette style that brings out your more classic and sweeter side -and in turn- does its job of keeping your hairstyle in place. If the pins with their size allow you something, it is to be able to play with the amount you put in your hair. This look is the perfect example that even with a large number of them, we can achieve a very refined and fun appearance. More is more!

Rhinestone hair bands

oh! Adorable headbands, the blessing that the world of hair accessories has given us. If there is a way to keep each hair in place and show off our fresh cut, but at the same time add a special touch to the hairstyle, it is definitely with the trend of the extravagant headbands that prevailed in 2019. A headband does not necessarily have to be an ornate band. With this look from Area, we can see a way to wear a different headband in the best style of The Great Gatsby and complement looks for Christmas parties.

Headbands of all sizes

For up-do hair, we have headbands, the most romantic way to add a bit of fantasy to your party look. A headband with encrusted stones -or jewels- is the perfect shine necessary to stand out at the end of the year parties. Breaking a little with the traditional line of headbands and opting for more exciting versions is entirely valid, and it is an ideal way to break with the seriousness of an all-black dress look.

Doughnut or bow with shiny details

The most exciting hair accessory we have seen for lovers of ponytails has arrived to complement it. This rhinestone-encrusted bow is what you were looking for to break with the minimalism of your ponytail and give a different look to the makeup you wear on the night of the parties.

Metallic crown to steal glances

For the most daring who are not afraid of taking all the parties’ attention, crowns exist. They are that ideal hair accessory to break into the casual of any look and provide a glamorous appearance even to a pair of jeans,, as seen in this Dolce & Gabbana look. When you buy a new hair dryer. ou often find a lot of accessories in the box, and you ask yourself. what are all these things for?

Well, in this post, we explain each accessory’s function and how you should use it. Here we explain what the nozzles of your hair dryer are for:


This nozzle concentrates the hot air at a point and allows you to dry and shape your hair precisely.

For example, if your hair type is very straightforward and you want to shape it, use this nozzle and use a brush or your own hands to give it shape and volume. We recommend that you protect your hands from the heat with a glove, for example.

In addition to shaping your hair, it is also the proper nozzle to straighten wavy hair, starting from the root of your hair and working your way down with a brush while shooting a precise stream of hot air into it.


The quick-dry nozzle distributes the air differently than the previous accessory. It does so strongly inside the jet of air and in a softer and more dispersed way on the outside of the plane. This way, your hair dries faster.

It is also suitable for giving a first blow-dry if you have a lot of hair volume; when the humidity has been reduced by approximately half, you can go to the styling nozzle or the diffuser to finish your perfect hairstyle.


This accessory, also called a diffuser, is a wide nozzle and its shape helps you give more volume and define curly or wavy hair.

How do you use the blow dryer diffuser? The way to use it is to pick up a large lock of hair, place it inside the nozzle and turn the dryer up while you squeeze the hair. It also helps reduce humidity and, therefore curly hair that tends to bother so much, especially on humid days.

Hair accessories: a touch that stands out

Sometimes, the urgency we move overcomes the desire to spend more time fixing our hair. When you’re against the clock, hair accessories become an excellent alternative because, without doing much, you get a pretty look.

These are pieces designed in multiple ways to be styled according to the occasion and the technique you want to try. The idea is to look flirty and out of the ordinary.

You adapt these objects in everyday life to go to work, to the gym or to classes, although you also use them in more formal events. In all cases, embellishing the hair with decorative elements will always be correct.

Types of hair garnish that complement a perfect “look.”

There are discreet or striking accessories; there are those with a light grip or greater strength. Also, you find modern or vintage cuts, and there are for short locks or long hair; The truth is that the selection depends on each taste and how willing you are to renew the hairstyle.


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