Makeup and Fashion in Latin America- After getting to know the best accounts to let you know the best of the Chilean and Colombian styles, you surely want to continue entering new territories that will encourage you to give many “likes” to their publications. In this second part of our blog dedicated to Latin America, we will travel to Mexico and Brazil to meet the most stylish women in these countries. Will you come with us?


Love Perrot

Surely if I say the word “Rebelde” or the letters “RBD”, you know what I’m talking about! In 2004, “Rebelde” emerged, a Mexican youth series that went around the world, and Maite Perroti ( @maitepb ) was one of the series members and the music band. In music and interpretation, she is a well-known artist in her country. Another reason why you should follow her account is her style.

Simple and feminine garments such as jumpsuits and maxi dresses define the figure, and natural but always perfect makeup will make you love Maite’s account. Always look impeccable!

Damn Paula

The Mexican Danna Paola (@ Danna Paola ), despite her young age of 24 years, has a lifetime of experience behind the scenes, with cameras and on stages. One of the biggest icons in Mexico, known in Spain, thanks to the current and well-known series “Elite”, which we recommend if you haven’t seen it yet! Danna has a romantic personality, and it shows through her outfits.

She is a faithful follower of hair accessories such as hairpins, barrettes and headbands. When putting on makeup, Danna is pure inspiration: She dares with glitter, appliqués, stones or pearls, with which she achieves super exciting effects! You can’t miss the Mexican one if you want to be up to time on your Instagram.

Mari and Castrejon

One of the most exciting Youtubers remains the Mexican Mari and Castrejón (@ yuyacst ), who teaches her followers recommendations from the world of makeup and fashion: all from the simplicity and naturalness that characterize her. So much so that she already consumes a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame recognizing her work. Yuya has a natural style with a boho touch.

It perfectly combines hats, scarves, midi dresses, cowboy boots and jean dungarees. She usually opts for natural makeup, warm shadows, lipsticks, and good eyelashes, all made up of products that can be found in her makeup line.

Chantal Torres

Chantal Torres (@ Chantal Torres ) has loved fashion since she was little. She has always dressed following her instincts, which was precisely what made her one of the influencers with the most followers in the country. Chantal creates trends with combinations full of colour and prints, using garments with classic cuts. Her favourite accessories are sunglasses, bags and, of course, red lipstick.

The Youtuber exudes glamour in every way. Her outfits and makeup are always impeccable.

Alejandra Ezquerro

Do you famine to learn how towards make a catrina or a fantasy character? Or do makeup with which to look perfect? Alejandra Ezquerro (@ aleezquerro ) gives you the keys to her YouTube and Instagram accounts. In a short time, she had gained a following thanks to her talent, love of makeup and charisma.

Because in addition to being an authentic artist, she is very involved with her followers, conveying the message of accepting one’s natural beauty. She shows the news of her natural looks with a sexy point, with which she always looks incredible.


If you still don’t know Ivete Sangalo (@ Ivete Sangalo ), you shouldn’t wait any longer to discover this talented Brazilian. She is currently one of the most recognized singers in Brazil, with more than 20 years of experience behind her and more than 20 million CDs sold. The singer has accustomed us to showing herself with figure-hugging garments and striking dresses on stage, with volumes on the shoulders and hips and long hair down to her feet.

Her makeup is infallible; she has spectacular skin and good eyelashes that mark the look together with black eyeliner that enhances her eyes.

Ana Luisa Braun

Ana Luisa Braun (@ analuisabraun ) is one of the youngest influencers. She started with social networks at 17, and today, she has managed to create her community on Instagram. She tells us about her travels and her combinations in dressing and designing some haute couture garments.

Ana is not afraid to try different makeup effects and to use coloured shadows, constantly experimenting with new trends: eyeliner, warm shades, intense lipsticks, etc. When it comes to wearing the garment that she cannot miss… Shorts and skirts! They look great on all versions.

Larissa de Macedo (Anitta)

Larissa de Macedo, better known as Anitta (@ Anita ), has reached the top of her musical career. At a young age, she already collaborates with singers such as Maluma, Becky G, J. Balvin and many more. Her musical style mixes Latin rhythm and reggaeton, perfect for going out.

But her other great passion is fashion; she wears a daring and sensual style with urban and sporty touches, which we can see in prints, sneakers and crop tops. Regarding makeup, she likes a tanned and marked face, wet effect lips with gloss and an intense look with black pencil.