FASHION AS AN ATTRIBUTE OF BEAUTY – A pleasing appearance is often required to access a job, which has nothing to do with physical beauty. A well-groomed image is pleasant and attractive to others, regardless of the perfection of the features, age, weight or hair colour.

Having a good presence is respecting ourselves, increasing our self-esteem because it makes us feel better, but it is also a sign of respect for others.


Since the Paleolithic era, man has already used fur to protect himself from the cold, but he soon realized that it could improve his attractiveness. He began refining his wardrobe, including pieces of jewellery that appeared in the stone age with the first talismans and accessories to hold clothing or decorate, made from shells or animal horns.

Later, in the age of metals, goldsmithing and the creation of the first jewellery arose. In this period, they began to create the first jewels in history that adorned both men and women. Bracelets, pendants, brooches and earrings were first made in bronze and later in silver and gold. They became objects of desire, and they used them significantly to differentiate themselves from others. This desire to be different and stand out has always been inherent to human beings and also leads us to continue improving ourselves today.


During different periods of history, hygiene has been something unattainable for many since access to water and the possibility of heating it has never been as easy as in developed countries.

For us, it is the most basic and essential, but although it would seem that we should not even comment on this, unfortunately, it is still necessary to remember it… Sometimes we find people who, without lacking these essential possibilities, attend events that presuppose a specific type of wardrobe, with a deplorable image and minor in keeping with what its host has organized.

In addition to conveying the most attractiveness or rejection in a first impression, hygiene is life insurance since it prevents the transmission of all kinds of diseases. A neat person with a clean and tidy appearance, shiny hair and well-cared hands are already generating a good image and the acceptance of others. You only need to add appropriate clothing and accessories that make you feel special.

It is neither complicated nor expensive to dress appropriately for each situation. Today we have an extensive range of clothing and accessories with which anyone can achieve a good appearance.


Women indeed have it a little more complicated because we need more variety to be perfect at all times; however, we can change the look by adding some unique accessories, such as beautiful cool-looking jewellery or elegant high-heeled shoes.

Each situation requires a different look, but now we have it much more manageable. If before we needed to fill a suitcase with clothes of different styles and many accessories to coordinate it, now we can take very few things, well chosen, and maximize our wardrobe. There are no excuses for not going well. The only reason is not wanting to do it, which only demonstrates the lack of empathy towards the people who will see us.

For example, if we are invited to dinner at a friend’s house, and we appear in sportswear, we are sending a message of indifference to our host, who has undoubtedly spent time trying to wait for us with his best intentions. He has lovingly prepared the best he knew how to cook. It is disrespectful on our part to appear as if we were at home.


In the so-called COVID-19 era, we have become accustomed to dressing casually. Because circumstances have forced us to remain confined to our homes for long periods, almost all of us have abused loose clothing and sneakers. This has the dangerous consequence that it becomes more and more difficult for us to get on stiletto heels or put on silk stockings…

However, it would be sad if this ended like this. Femininity and the sensitivity of good taste cannot die. Women are vain by nature, and we must feel beautiful.

Although there is a middle term for almost everything, it is a reality that we will continue for a certain period with restricted mobility and fewer social events, so, logically, we tend to limit our wardrobe to more comfortable clothes and, above everything, more versatile. We can use clothes to combine moments of teleworking with others in which we can go to the street and that we do not have to change our clothes constantly.

It is time to know how to take advantage of things, reuse sensibly and choose the clothes that will get us out of more than one hurry. Of course, the use of accessories is highly recommended for this type of look.

It’s incredible how we can transform our appearance by adding some pretty earrings or a neckerchief. The transformation is complete. We went from having a sporty appearance to having an ultra-chic image with which we can attend any meeting and attract attention due to our elegance and sophistication.