Dry Lips: Causes and Treatment – No substance. How hard you work on your skincare routine, chances are you’re neglecting your lips. Between cleaning, toning and moisturizing your face, your lips will be lucky if you apply at least one lip balm, especially when you notice scorched. However, it is possible that as temperatures drop, you see that your lips are more parched than usual, and you may not know how to care for them properly in winter.

Causes of dry lips

The skin on your lips is much more solvent than the skin happening the rest of your body and has no sweat or sebaceous glands. That means the skin on the lips can dry out much faster than the skin on the face, for example, since it doesn’t have protective lipids to lock in moisture. In winter, it is widespread for lips to crack as cold air and low humidity can affect their water.

Remedies for dry lips

When the temperature drops, put into practice these five remedies to prevent your lips from drying out or chapping:

Drink more water

Dry, cracked lips could signify dehydration, a widespread problem when people spend a lot of time outdoors and consume too much alcohol. If you stay hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the year, you shouldn’t have dehydrated lips. However, if you are concerned about such a problem, you should consult your pharmacist or GP.

don’t lick your lips

Running your tongue over dry lips can cause you to fall into a vicious cycle. The more you do this, the drier they will feel and the more you want to lick them to rehydrate. Unfortunately, when the saliva from the tongue evaporates, it takes the natural moisture from the lips with it. If you have chapped lips, you should avoid biting or picking them, as these habits slow healing.

Use a lip scrub

On the lips, as on the skin of the face, dead cells can accumulate. A gentle lip scrub once or twice a week can help remove those dead cells for healthier-looking lips. You will find different types of scrubs in the market, but you can also easily prepare them at home by mixing a little honey with almond oil and sugar. Apply this mixture on your lips and gently rub in circular movements.

hydrate them

A lip balm will form a caring barrier that will help keep your lips soft and hydrated. When you feel that your lips are dry or chapped, the best solution to alleviate this discomfort and improve its appearance is to use lip balm regularly.

Always carry one in your pocket or bag to have it on hand as soon as needed.

Use a lip sunscreen

The skin on your lips is selfsame thin and contains very little melanin, the pigment that protects the skin from the sun. That means lips are susceptible to the sun and can quickly burn, even in winter or cloudy days. Therefore, if you want to protect your lips, it is best to use an edge balm with a sun fortification factor daily, such as Neutrogena  Lip Protector SPF20.

But remember that sunscreen tends to wash off your lips faster than the rest of your body when you talk, eat, or lick your lips. Therefore, if you want to maintain a good level of protection, apply the balm from time to time.