Changes in lifestyle and concepts, according to the WHO – How is your lifestyle? Sedentary, sporty, vegan, stressful…? Whatever influences your well-being, sensations and emotions. Therefore, it is essential to take care of it and acquire habits that lead you to the best possible state.

Getting away from everything that harms our body is the first step you must take to have iron health and unparalleled vitality—this way, enjoying everything that day-to-day puts before us is possible.

But there is more. Healthy lifestyles are associated with eco moments, respect for nature and the environment, and sustainable habits. Joining them will make you feel better inside and out and even live in a cleaner, waste-free world.

Take care of your physical, mental and social well-being, and you will enjoy a whole life full of moments to remember.

Your lifestyle conditions your future! Please find out how you can focus it towards a more ethical, healthy and committed point of view.

Definition of lifestyle

The definition of lifestyle will largely depend on who is behind it. For example, the description given by the WHO is not the same as that provided by another organisation specialising in sustainability.

In any case, healthy lifestyles are related to everything that makes us feel good and does not compromise our health or that of others. For example, walking through nature, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, reusing packaging and other materials, taking care of the environment…

Staying close to attitudes and habits like these, and away from others that can harm our health and that of the planet, helps us not to contract illnesses, escape stress, avoid depression and many other negative impacts.

WHO lifestyle concept

Let’s see in a more specific way what the concept is according to the WHO. To do this, we go back to 1986, when this organisation launched its definition to the world.

According to the WHO, lifestyle results from a set of habits that allow us to enjoy a balance between physical, mental and social well-being.

In other words, the definition is made up of three components that play a vital role in the development of our day-to-day activities:

  1. Physical health: 

    This refers to the proper functioning of our body and the absence of diseases. In this sense, prevention is essential. And therefore, eating a balanced diet and away from sugars, ultra-processed foods, and toxic substances helps us feel better.

  2. Mental health:

    Regarding mental health, we can discuss the absence of stress, fatigue, anxiety and personal care, self-esteem and positive thoughts.

  3. Social health:

    Finally, social welfare refers to our relationships with other people, our participation in the development of society and other factors that influence our quality of life: decent housing, favourable working conditions, and good education…

The balance between these three elements is synonymous with a healthy lifestyle. It is essential not to neglect any of them and pay attention to the details that define them.

Examples of lifestyles

After explaining what it is and understanding the factors involved, let’s look at some examples of lifestyles.  Discover them and identify yours! Do you think?

  • Healthy lifestyle. 

    This is the most complete of all. And it combines good eating habits, physical activity, relationship with the environment, social action and prevention. It goes for all!

  • Sedentary lifestyle. 

    Usually, those who follow sedentary habits do not enjoy good physical health. A sedentary lifestyle leads to pain and discomfort in muscles and joints that prevent them from performing certain activities. Get up from the chair! If you feel identified…

  • Minimalism lifestyle. 

    This other example is based on simplification. Those who practice it only focus on looking for the most essential and stay away from waste or misuse of their resources. Is he yours?

  • Active lifestyle. 

    With its name, you can get an idea of ​​what it means. An active lifestyle is followed by people who exercise regularly, do not stop learning, travel and do all kinds of activities. Quite a wild ass!

  • Eco lifestyle. 

    Following sustainable practices and being responsible for the environment helps us live in a better world. And finally, we find one of the examples of a lifestyle that has recently gained more followers.  Do you dare to incorporate them into your day-to-day life?

The trend towards healthier lifestyles

The solution lies in evolution. If you are not happy with your current lifestyle, dare to change! It is always welcome to make changes in any of our vital areas to feel better.

Our lifestyle can indeed be affected after months of confinement due to the pandemic we are going through. However, we can also give it a radical turn and redirect it towards ways that help us care for ourselves inside and out. For example, changing eating habits, reserving a schedule for our care, exercising even at home, taking care of hygiene at home …

If you have space, an excellent idea could be to create a mini organic garden to consume toxic-free products. Even take courses that help you cook new recipes with them. There are endless possibilities for a lifestyle change. And with willpower, it can be done!

Healthy lifestyle habits are essential to developing correctly, having the mental capacity to solve problems, educating our children, and improving what we don’t like… And ultimately, to have a whole life and enjoy it. Have you already decided which ones you are going to incorporate? Go all out and take care!