Abdominal Training – There are many reasons why the human body can lose its ideal shape. One of them is the lack of exercise. The abdominals are one of the fastest body parts that can lose their condition. But, with abdominal exercises, it is possible to improve them.

Best Exercises For Abdominal Training

Many exercises manage to improve the physical condition of the abdominals. Some studies confirm this. One is the Analysis of abdominal training based on muscle strengthening and definition. It highlights that they work, but only if they are done regularly. Meanwhile, let’s see the best, according to coach Víctor Téllez.

Sit Up – Abdominal Training

Sit-Up is an exercise that does not require any additional elements. Only a space of about 3 meters on each side is needed. For added comfort, padding can be placed on the floor. These are the steps to follow:

Starting Position

The person lies on his back on the ground. Knees bent and both soles of the feet flat on the floor.


The torso should be raised until it reaches the height of the knees and then lowered. It is a repetitive and continuous movement.


You can make ten complete movements (up and down). Then rest for a minute to repeat the process. The goal is to do four sets a day.

There is a variation for those who want to increase the intensity of the exercise. A medicine ball is used, which is held with both hands while raising the torso.

Leg Raise Crunch

Crunch with leg raises is another exercise that does not require additional elements. However, it can be done in the luxury of home, having a space free of obstacles. It is a resistance exercise, so its duration will be considered.

They are starting positions. The person lies with their back to the floor, with their hands and feet flat on the floor.


The legs are raised to the maximum, keeping them in a vertical position. Now, using the hands, try to reach the tips of the feet.


In addition, the duration could be between 20 and 30 seconds

Leg Lift

Being able to raise your legs until you achieve a vertical position is something that significantly influences your abs. However, precisely the elevation of the legs achieves that objective.

Start Position

Lying your back to the ground, legs fully stretched and hands under the body, right on the lower back.


Both legs should be raised until they are in a vertical position. Then it is lowered until it almost returns to the starting position.


It is an exercise in which you must go up and down several times. When going down, depending on the ability of each person, you can choose between touching the ground or not.


After going up and down ten times, he takes a 1-minute break. Then, the exercise is repeated until completing four series.


Seeing the name of this workout, it is straightforward to associate it with how it does. The movement made during it is very similar to what we do when riding a bicycle.

Starting Position

You are lying horizontally with your back.


Legs are separated, the head is raised, and the hands are placed on the back neck. The right knee is bent while touching the left elbow.


This is a continuous exercise, so to continue, the knee and elbow are now reversed.


There is a variation for those who want to increase the intensity of the exercise. A medicine ball used, which is held with both hands while raising the torso.