What is the importance of skin care? – The skin is the largest organ in the human body. But in addition, it is the most visible of all and the most exposed to external aggression. Their care means taking care of yourself. We talk about creams, serums, antiaging treatments and other cosmetic paraphernalia as if it were something frivolous at times or dispensable. However, taking care of the skin -starting with cleanliness- is the first step to keeping it healthy.

Because what seems ‘just’ aesthetic is much more: it is pampering the largest organ in the body, the first barrier that defends us from external damage, such as pollution, without going any further.

“Knowing your skin and how to take care of it should be everyone’s mantra. Cleanse it, hydrate it and nourish it the three golden rules. Without that, your skin will never be as beautiful as it could be.” These are the words of Inmaculada Serrano, owner of a beauty centre in Almería.


The skin protects the entire body and is essential for the right temperature. Without it, we would lose one of the most pleasant senses, touch. Putting it aside or forgetting it is not feasible. Taking care of her must be one of our priorities so that we ultimately take care of ourselves.

In the introduction to her book ‘Healthy skin in healthy body’ (Grazable), Dr Andrea Combalia specifies that the skin is not just a wrapper. In addition to controlling body temperature, “it averts us from dehydrating and averts the passage of pathogens (viruses and bacteria), toxins, radioactivity and allergens into our interior,” says the dermatologist.

We continue listing the ‘values’ of the skin: through it, we feel and connect with the outside world and receive stimuli through touch. Even hormones are synthesized in the skin because they have an endocrine function.

More reasons to take care of her? “The skin is closely linked to the nervous and immune systems, which is why, through it, what happens inside is reflected, in addition to the fact that its condition can have a significant impact on self-esteem”, reinforces Compamia’s idea.


The first item we have to see is our skin type. Inmaculada Serrano, the owner of a beauty centre in Almería, is clear that knowing what your skin is like can help you much more than you think: “If you don’t know what kind of products to use, you can make a mistake, which could make you use a cream that It would do you, just, the opposite effect. You can’t use a cream for oily skin if your skin is dry. You deregulate the skin’s ph. And that, later, is more difficult to clean up.”

Dry Skin. You will tend to have skin without hydration. You need to regulate the water in your skin to make it look pretty. It will be recommended that you do not spend a day without your moisturizer.

Oily skin. That oily sensation makes you desperate, but if you use specific products for your skin type, you can regulate that excess sebum that brings you down the street of bitterness. More dedication but identical results if you are constant.

Mixed skin. The best recommendation is that you locate which parts of your body are fat and which are dry because, friend, you are lucky to have it all. You have two options: choose the type of specific product for each area of ​​your skin, changing as you treat one place or another, or worry about selecting a cream that is innocuous enough so that it does not alter your pH but hydrates you enough and does not cause more oiliness.

Sensitive skin. Everything delicate requires specific care. So if your skin is one of the rare ones that react to any behaviour, use certain creams for soft skin. You will save yourself a lot of trouble.

It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have. There is a routine you will not be able to escape, which is essential for your skin to be as well cared for as it needs. They are the keys to making everything work.


Without cleaning, there is no treasure. No matter how you wear it, if you don’t keep your skin clean, dirt will end up wreaking havoc.

We talked about how you can’t go to bed without removing your makeup, of course(a double cleaning at night is, recommended for certain ages). That routine of removing everything you’ve put on your face is essential for the skin to breathe and return to its being.

No matter what state you arrived in last night, grab a suitable cleanser and finish with a toner to regulate your ph. And do not forget that when you wake up, you also have to clean in the morning. Clean skin is healthy skin.


The first rule of all skins is that all, even oily, need hydration. Choose the specific moisturizer for your skin type. You can also use products like moisturising restorative hydration cream to help calm the skin.

But the skin should not only be hydrated on the outside to look beautiful. It will be essential that it is hydrated inside, so you will have no choice but to drink a lot of water to achieve it. Between a litre and a half, two litres per day are the minimum.


Few things are as important as protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays. They are responsible for premature ageing and many of those wrinkles that drive you crazy when you look in the mirror, but also for diseases such as skin cancer.

Daily, after cleaning and the other cosmetic routines, as the last step, include a product with a high spy. It is the recommendation of every dermatologist.


Anything you do extra will be significant for your skin, so add everything you want.

The serum is your best ally against wrinkles. Choose one with the components you need for your skin and apply it every night before the night cream or in the morning after cleansing your face well.

Fundamental: do not smoke. One of the worst enemies of our skin is tobacco. Quitting smoking will make your skin lose that ashy look and look much brighter. Proof; the results are visible in just two weeks.

It’s not that much homework to do. It’s just primary care. But your skin speaks of you,; the prettier you look, the better you will feel. Your skin care talks about you; make him say beautiful things.