As thrilling as it is to transform into a wicked witch, dazzling diva, or anything in between, it’s crucial to remember the aftermath on your skin. Heavy makeup and late-night spooks can haunt your pores!

But don’t get spooked just yet. By prepping with the right post-Halloween skincare routine, you can ensure your skin’s swift recovery.

Ready to unwrap the secrets before the makeup mayhem begins? Let’s dive in!

1. Remove Your Contact Lenses

Granted, contact lens removal isn’t typically on anyone’s skincare routine. But when it comes to Halloween’s grand curtain call, it’s front and center.

Halloween contact lenses might just be the final touch that brings your character to life. So, if you’ve opted to elevate your costume with contacts, it’s essential to master their removal. Mishandling or improper care can damage your contacts and pose serious risks to your eyes.

Here’s a handy step-by-step guide for contact lens removal:

  1. Wash your hands with soap.
  2. Dry your hands with a clean, lint-free towel.
  3. With one hand, hold open the lower and upper eyelid of your eye.
  4. With your other hand, gently pinch the lens and pull it away from your eye.
  5. Repeat for the other eye.

If your lenses are disposable, you can simply throw them away after removal. Otherwise, place your contacts in a sterile lens case filled with fresh contact lens solution to keep them clean. Stick to this regimen, and your eyes will be in top shape for many Halloweens to come!

Pro tip: always make lens removal the very first step in your post-Halloween skincare. Makeup removers can contain chemicals that you don’t want lingering on your contacts or sitting directly on your eyes.

2. Remove Your Makeup

Remove Your Makeup

When it comes to heavy makeup, a mere face wash just won’t cut it. Diving straight into cleansing can smudge and spread that makeup, pushing it further into your pores. The solution? Makeup removers — the prelude to a deeper cleanse.

To remove your Halloween makeup:

  1. Eyes – Using an oil-based remover or micellar water, press a soaked cotton pad gently onto your eyelids, wait for a moment, then sweep away.
  2. Face – Break down stubborn Halloween paints and pigments by gently massaging makeup removing balms or oils onto your skin.
  3. Lips – Wipe away those hauntingly dark lip shades with a dab of coconut oil or specialized makeup remover wipes.
  4. Body – If you’ve applied makeup beyond your face, don’t neglect those areas during cleanup. Use cleansing oils to break down the pigments, then rinse thoroughly.

3. Double Cleanse

Makeup removers do a terrific job of lifting the artwork from Halloween night. But here’s the kicker: makeup removers are surface-level heroes.

For a thorough cleanup that ensures every pore is free from makeup, dirt, and the residue of the evening’s escapades, you’ll want to dive deeper. Enter the magic of double cleansing. It’s as simple as it sounds. Simply wash your face with two cleansers: one that’s oil-based and another that’s water-based.

The benefit of this approach is twofold. The first cleanser works to break down any remaining makeup, dirt, and excess oils. The second cleanser, ideally tailored to your skin type, addresses specific concerns with ingredients designed to hydrate, smooth, exfoliate, or treat issues like acne.

With your skin now deeply cleansed, you’ve laid a foundation for the following steps of rejuvenation and care.

4. Rehydrate Your Skin

Rehydrate Your Skin

All that cleansing can leave your skin craving hydration. To restore your skin, apply hydrating products such as moisturizers, serums, and hydrating masks.

  • Moisturizers – A staple in rehydration. They lock in moisture and ensure lasting hydration. Ideal for most skin types, especially those that lean dry.
  • Serums – Packed with concentrated hydrating ingredients, serums penetrate deeper layers of the skin. They’re best for combination skin, providing intense hydration.
  • Hydrating Masks – Deliver a refreshing burst of moisture. Suitable for all skin types, especially dehydrated skin after a night of makeup magic.

5. Treat Your Eye Area With TLC

Don’t overlook the delicate skin around your eyes.

This area, being thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your face, is especially susceptible to stress from makeup. It can easily become irritated, puffy, or show early signs of aging, making it all the more crucial to give it special attention.

Here’s how you can care for the skin around your eyes:

  1. Use a cool compress – This can reduce puffiness and soothe the area.
  2. Give yourself an eye massage – Using only the tips of your index and middle fingers, gently tap around your eyes to stimulate blood flow to the area.
  3. Apply an eye cream or gel – Look for products with ingredients that hydrate and combat fine lines, such as hyaluronic acid, retinoids, and peptides.

6. Pamper Your Lips

Pamper Your Lips

After flaunting those vibrant shades, ensure your lips get their share of care.

Start with an exfoliating scrub to eliminate dry, flaking skin and restore the softness of your lips. Simply apply a small amount of the scrub to your fingertips, rub it over your lips in small, circular motions, and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Then, rinse with warm water and pat dry.

After exfoliation, apply a hydrating lip mask. Unlike your regular lip balms, lip masks provide deep hydration. They’re typically formulated to deliver all the benefits of your favorite lip balm, from softening to plumping, in a way that will last longer.

Caring for your lips in this manner ensures they remain soft, plump, and healthy.

7. Get Some Shut-Eye

Amidst all the cleansing and hydrating, never underestimate the healing power of a good night’s sleep. It’s not just a luxury. It’s essential for skin rejuvenation.

As we sleep, our skin goes to work: blood flow increases, collagen rebuilds, and facial muscles relax. Skimp on sleep and your skin can appear dehydrated, which naturally makes fine lines more visible.

To truly harness the restorative power of sleep, aim for seven to nine hours nightly. Consider your sleeping position, too. Sleep on your back to avoid your face pressing against the sheets. Better yet, invest in a silk or satin pillowcase, which helps minimize skin irritation.


Halloween fun might come and go, but a proper skincare routine is forever. Remember to refresh and rejuvenate after the festivities. After all, each day is an opportunity for your skin to radiate its natural brilliance. Here’s to healthy skin, no matter the season!