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Author: glamourgenix

When do cosmetics really expire
Glamour Genix

When do cosmetics really expire?

When do cosmetics expire? – Cosmetics are “born”, used and also “die”. Detecting that a product has expired not always easy, but it’s a feature that must considered since “out-of-date” use, in addition to nullifying its cosmetic action, can have side effects on the skin….

Makeup and Fashion in Latin America
Beauty and Fashion

Makeup and Fashion in Latin America

Makeup and Fashion in Latin America- After getting to know the best accounts to let you know the best of the Chilean and Colombian styles, you surely want to continue entering new territories that will encourage you to give many “likes” to their publications. In…

Beauty and Fashion


FASHION AS AN ATTRIBUTE OF BEAUTY – A pleasing appearance is often required to access a job, which has nothing to do with physical beauty. A well-groomed image is pleasant and attractive to others, regardless of the perfection of the features, age, weight or hair…

The art of fashion
Beauty and Fashion

The art of fashion: aesthetics and beauty

The art of fashion – Art and fashion linked by communication, that is, by expressing aesthetics and beauty in a given social context. With the growth of the cultural industry and the advance of globalization and the Internet, art influences even merge with fashion to…

How to remove iron-on

How to remove iron-on, sewn or glued labels?

How to remove iron-on – Tips for giving clothing marked with tags to another person. Have you placed a label on clothing, or have you purchased a garment that has a personalized label? Surely you want to remove it to replace it with a new…