10 Signs Your Husband Hates You – By getting married, you knew that your romantic feelings would be more potent sometimes than others.

You did not expect his romantic feelings towards you to die completely, let alone give way to unimportance or hostility.

  • Maybe you don’t sense it every time he’s everywhere.
  • More and more, however, it leaves you with a heaviness in your heart and a rising conviction: My husband hates me.
  • You are confused and hurt.

Some of you still hope you are reading too much into his behavior. But if you’re analysing this post, the red flags outlined below can help clear the mist.

Why do I feel like my husband dislikes me?

You want to know how to know if your husband hates you. Your relationship has changed. But what exactly is it that makes you feel like he resents you? And why would he do it?

Anger is refusing to let go of your anger at someone for somewhat they said or did that hurt or offended you or someone you care around.

To resent someone is to refuse to forgive him, that is, to hold a complaint.

Ask yourself if any of the following performances are familiar to you:

  • Giving you the silent treatment
  • Resorting to passive-aggressive behaviour
  • Keep a list of all your sins against him.
  • Insisting on your flaws or mistakes every time you affect.

While these are all vital pointers that your husband is angry with you, the signs you’ll see are more about the general behaviour of husbands who no longer love or are attracted to their wives, regardless of the reasons.

Ten signs that your husband hates you

When your husband hates you or is no longer in love with you, he will let you know in various ways. The following list of behaviours can help you identify their telltale signs and better understand them.

1. He avoids you or avoids being alone with you.

You are in the same place, but he seems allergic to your company. He keeps finding something (or someone) different to inhabit his time and attention. And when you lastly corner him with a question or a comment, he seems eager to leave.

They used to gravitate towards each extra. Now, it looks like you have the opposite effect on him.

2. Blames you for the problems in your relationship.

Every time you try to talk about a problem in your bond, he reframes it to the responsibility you have for it. From what he can tell, you seem determined to find trouble where there isn’t.

Or if you see a problem, it is of your own making. He enlightens you and makes you doubt your perspective on the relationship. He makes you feel like you’re the one who’s screwing everything up. And you shouldn’t be surprised if he gets tired enough to leave you.

This is an answer for toxic narcissists.

3. It doesn’t work on the relationship.

He has no interest in working on the relationship to improve it. Because strengthening their connection is not a priority for him.

Or he could be avoiding the problem for fear that it will point out everything he is doing wrong and blame it on him. He might feel like there’s no point in working in a relationship that doesn’t make either of them happy anymore.

If he has already given up on having a close and satisfying relationship with you, he will see the job as nothing more than a waste of energy.

4. Refuses even to consider counselling.

Why should he vent his feelings for you to someone who could judge him for every perceived failure as a husband? Why go through that if you don’t see a benefit in counselling?

He may have such negative feelings towards you that he does not consider counselling worthwhile.

And if he counts on the therapist taking your side, he won’t see it. You also probably don’t want to spend an hour weekly quarrelling about your relationship.

5. He not once has a period for you (even when he’s home).

He has other things to do when you need to do something together or talk.

If you push him to schedule a time for the two of you to talk privately, he will resist being pinned down or sacrificing precious free time. He may only see it as an opportunity for you to vent or talk about things that don’t interest you.

If you can, at the smallest, encourage him to commit to 15 minutes; that’s a start. Prepare a short list of things to discuss, but don’t expect to cover everything.

6. Spend less time at home.

She has been spending more and more time away from home lately. In addition to her job, she goes out for doings, classes, helps chances or hangs out with friends or family. Perhaps his groups have crcriticisedim him for spending so much time with you.

Or maybe you prefer to spend time away from home. You may associate the home environment with stress (arguments, tension, criticism) more than with love or safety.

7. He makes rude comments to your face and behind your back.

It’s one thing if I disagree with you. That happens even in happy marriages. But if he’s calling you names to your face and then repeating those names when he’s talking about you to other people, there’s a problem. Here are some examples of disrespectful comments:

  • You are pathetic! I don’t know why I’m upset with you.
  • This food is disgusting. Haven’t you learned anything about cooking?
  • No one expects you to say something clever. Focus on being helpful.

He doesn’t mind speaking disrespectfully or making you look bad in front of other people. But you are afraid of how he will react if you try to talk to him the same way.


8. You are no longer interested in familiarity.

He used to appearance you up and down and exhalation with a dreamy smile on his expression. Now it looks like she doesn’t want to make eye interaction with you.

You can’t recall the last time he asked you if you were in a temper. The last time you tried to wonder him with new underwear, he barely even observed. And once he discovers you in bed, he displays zero interest in getting comfortable with you.

He is more interested in other things.

9. Not even interested in showing or receiving affection.

He always made time for long, drawn-out embraces, but the last time you requested him for one, he gave you a quick crush with a few unthinking pats on the back.

And that’s when he’s not in a hurry to touch you.

Worse yet, he recoiled at your touch when you reached out to take his hand the other day. In public, she moves further away from you than before. And forget about the organisers.

10. He doesn’t miss you when you leave and is indifferent to your absence.

You’ve been away from home longer than ever and can’t wait to see your husband. But when you walk through the door, he doesn’t react.

When he expressions at you, it’s with more annoyance than welcome.

You thought he would be relieved to see you, just as you would be if he were unusually late. But he seems to enjoy his own business more than yours. Your existence is a break.

Do you see signs that your husband hates you?

Notice how couples therapy is a good idea for all three scenarios. Other than that, if you can both find therapists for one-on-one conversations, all the healthier.

Everyone needs a good therapist. Lifetime has a way of messing with our heads, and a good therapist can help us figure things out and change our perspective for the better. Therapy can save your life and your marriage.

If your husband has no interest in improving the relationship, the marriage has nowhere to go. May your life beyond bring you more joy and more loving relationships.