How to remove iron-on – Tips for giving clothing marked with tags to another person. Have you placed a label on clothing, or have you purchased a garment that has a personalized label? Surely you want to remove it to replace it with a new brand with the name and surname of your little one. These are our tips to remove them without damaging the garment.


Take an ice cube and polish the label to wet the paper and break up the glue. Carefully remove pieces of title. There will be nearly paper and glue left behind, so you’ll need to continue rubbing the ice cube over the residue until it’s completely gone. If the bond is resistant, you can remove the remains with olive oil to soften the glue. You can also rub with Vaseline if the oil is not enough. Subsequently, soak in hot water and rub with Marseille soap, not damaging the fibres. Remove the remains that remain with your fingers or tweezers and wash them in the washing machine. A very effective but slow method!


Attention: These labels are designed to resist and last for many years, so they are not easy to remove since it is the main characteristic that those who use them look for. This method is not guaranteed as it will depend on the label’s quality and the garment’s fragility so it may be ineffective.

  1. Cut a rectangle the size of the label in the centre of an A4 sheet (without ink).
  2. On top of the label that we want to remove, place the area of ​​the sheet where there is a space in the shape of the brand—the hole in the folio “frames” the title in this way.
  3. Place an A4 aluminium sheet on top of the sheet of paper of the same size.
  4. Hold the two sheets with clips so that they do not separate. The foil serves to protect the fabric that is around the label.
  5. Heat the iron at maximum temperature (in wool position) without steam.
  6. Once the iron has warmed up, iron the aluminium with the iron’s tip, concentrating on the area where the iron-on label is located.
  7. Remove the foil as soon as the label is completely melted and sticks to the foil.
  8. Before it cools completely, carefully removes any residue with the help of a knife.
  9. This method works well for cotton or other synthetic fabrics but is unsuitable for other non-ironable materials, such as wool.

Our advice: some iron-on labels are thin enough to stick a new label on top without damaging the garment from an aesthetic point of view. You can also attach a sticker on top of the brand label, peeled off or cut off when you want to give the garment to someone else.


When children go camping or hiking, parents are asked to mark clothing and items with the children names to prevent loss or theft. Tags used to be embroidered and sewn by hand by parents, and some still do! An easy solution to removing them is to use a seam ripper, a small instrument handy for this work.


The Ludisticks,  created by Ludilabel, save you from having to stick the labels on the clothes permanently.

The Ludisticks are innovative personalized stickers created by Ludilabel to respond to two needs: to place them quickly and to make it easier for items of clothing to be given to another person. That is why we created the Ludisticks, which stick in two seconds without effort! No need to use an iron or have to sew. They adhere to the garment’s washing instructions, composition or brand label, applying a little pressure. Once glued, they are resistant to washing machines and tumble dryers.

They are intended to make it easy for you to pass the garments on to someone else or the next generation. The adhesive material of the Ludisticks we have developed allows you to remove the sticker without using any product or complicated method. And how does it come off? Simply lifting it with your fingers will not leave glue residue or damage the garment label. Once it is peeled off, it can’t be pasted again; you must use a new one.