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Eyelashes Write For Us Guest Post Submission For Glamourgenix

Eyelashes Write For UsIntroduction

Eyelashes Write For Us – Wearing a face covering or mask, as many of us do this summer, draws much attention to your eyes! Because of the shows, you’ll probably notice other people’s eyes and eyebrows more than ever. Have you ever wondered why humans evolved to have eyelashes and eyebrows and their roles in overall eye health and function?

Eyebrows and eyelashes are exceptionally expressive and serve as the natural first line of defense against airborne debris and other hazards entering the eyes.

Eyelashes are the first line of defense for the eyes, preventing dirt, dust, lint, and other airborne debris from reaching the delicate eye tissues. When the eyes are open, the eyelashes trap some airborne debris, but when closed, they form a nearly impenetrable barrier to foreign irritants in the eye.

Ten Interesting Facts about Eyelashes That You Should Know:

  • Beautiful, long, and full eyelashes can significantly enhance the beauty of your eyes.
  • Usually, the structure and arrangement of the natural lash line are not regular: it is shorter on the sides and longer in the areas near the middle.
  • On average, 1-5 lashes fall out every day. New lashes frequently grow, replacing lost ones to keep the look full and thick. So that eyelash extensions never damage your eyelashes.
  • The lifespan of a single lash is between 60 and 200 days, with most falling off in around 140 days.
  • The number of eyelashes on each eyelid varies greatly, with the upper eyelid usually harboring between 70 and 150 individual hairs, while the lower eyelid can have between 30 and 100 inches.
  • Natural eyelashes always grow to a limited length, which differs for each person.
  • A healthy lifestyle leads to faster eyelash growth.
  • The growth rate is also affected by the age of the individual. As you age, you lose more lashes, which take longer to grow. For example, an eyelash takes about 12 weeks to grow back after it falls off.
  • Hair protects every area it covers, including the eyelashes, from anything that could harm the body. For example, the sunlight reflects off the eyelash hairs to protect the eyes. The eyelashes also protect the eyes from pollen and other harmful foreign particles.
  • Three phases of eyelash growth: there is the anagen phase (active growth phase), the catagen phase (transition phase), and the telogen phase (resting phase). And at any given time, 90% of your lashes are in the active growth phase, growing around 0.16 millimeters daily.

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