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moils essential OIL Write For Us – They are the queens of the Eco, the Bio, the Organic…, and the fashionable active ingredient. Still, not all are the same and are subject to counterfeiting, adulteration and improper use. They are multidisciplinary, effective and can customize. Valerie Aucouturier, aromatherapist and director of Puressentiel Spain, tells us her keys so that you can enjoy them without risk.

What is an essential oil?

Explained in a very simple way, it is the most concentrated plant extract, not diluted and purest, without any additives. It contains only the active molecules of the brand, its natural defences thanks to a slow and controlled process of obtaining. [It is as if we had the “liquor” of the plant, its “essence”]. It is green chemistry with all its advantages.

They are called “oils” because they were lipophilic; they do not mix with water but with fatty substances. If we think of a vinaigrette, we know that oil and vinegar do not mix; The same goes for necessary oils, which don’t mix with water in a glass; they float on top. They do not contain fatty bodies, like olive oil, so they are not greasy. Hence, they are not the same as vegetable oil. Its lipophilic nature gives it a basic property: it penetrates the skin instantly, merging with the lipid film that protects it; it penetrates the deepest layers and acts very quickly, leaving no sticky trace.

How can we differentiate between those that are authentic and those that are “adulterated”?

Essential oils are very fashionable because their numerous benefits have been studied and scientifically endorsed and because they allow us to offer products without preservatives without synthetics in general. Its success means that there is everything in the market.  Moreover What is the most effective way to get quality essential oil? Look at the label and look for four elements:

1/ The AEBBD seal, which means Botanically and Biochemically Defined Essential Oil, is proof that the laboratory has its “identity card” and is always accompanied by the ORIGIN (an Atlas hill comes from Morocco…)

2/ The ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE seal of the country or Europe, or the ECOCERT seal at least if it is cosmetic.

3/ The mention “100% PURE AND NATURAL” states that it did not dilute, altered or synthetic.

4/ The price is also a good indicator; likely, a 2 euro essential oil is not pure or comes from a very short distillation that does not guarantee its benefits versus an 8 euro one bought in a pharmacy…

In short, it doesn’t matter if the case is purple and says “Lavender”: turn it over and look at the label. If there is no seal, it is very likely that the list of ingredients in descending order begins with “water, sweet almond oil, paraffin, etc.” until you reach the word “lavender”…. Without specifying what type of lavender is -and no! true lavender does not contain the same molecules as dry lavender, aka lavender, etc.- and without being able to know if it is natural, that is, if it comes from 100% of the living plant or if we come from a lavender-scented perfume…

What health risks do improperly used oils have?

The toxicity of essential oils very well documented; that to say, the qualified health professional knows which molecules each essential oil contains and can advise on its correct use. Risks? Some essential oils can cause strong skin reactions, such as phenols and aldehydes -mint, aejdrea, cinnamon, thyme, thymol, etc. -These always have to dilute. Continued exposure could irritate the respiratory tract. On the other hand, present people may be allergic to essential oils, just as others may be allergic to pollen: bay leaves, even the well-known tea tree (10% of the population would be allergic). To get out of doubt, you can place a drop in the crease of the elbow, wait a few minutes and see if redness appears. In general, its use is not recommended, unless prescribed by a doctor, in pregnant and lactating women, children under seven years of age, and people with seizure disorders. When they pure, that , when they used undiluted, always respect the dosage and the instructions for use, like any other product, and, finally, remember that citrus fruits topical photosensitizers, so they should not be applied to the skin and exposing yourself to the sun under penalty of seeing erythema appear that leaves spots – unless these citrus essential oils have obtained by distillation instead of expression(Always look at the label, which has to put its method of getting. If it does not indicate it, you are suspicious).

**Who should prescribe them? **

The family doctor can indicate the pure essential oils to avoid if you are pregnant or lactating, have children under seven years of age, are epileptic or are taking any special medication, and also prescribe personalized recipes. For products formulated with “ready-to-use” That is to say essential oils, professionals such as the pharmacist or physiotherapists can advise correctly since most are self-care products.

How should essential oils be used?

Ingested (dose): First, they must be essential oils suitable for ingestion (look for “food supplement” on the label). Second, never take them straight into your mouth because they can burn. To dilute them, 1 or 2 drops are deposited in a sugar cube, a teaspoon of honey, olive oil, or something other than water so that they mix well before eating them. This oral route interesting because drops can precisely dose them, and the dosage will be scrupulously respected.

Inhaled: they can poured into a diffuser, 5 to 15 drops pure or with a humidifier, vaporized in the air -with a spray without propellant gas, or thrown on a textile (scarf, pashmina, pillow, pyjamas, etc.). And, of course, with vapours. It is a simple and fast route of administration, especially to breathe better. They should not heated because they would burn and destroy their active ingredients.

Applied to the skin

Due to its lipophilic nature, it is its most original application route since it mixes with fatty substances, crosses the skin barrier in seconds and penetrates deeply. Its rapid action can localized and prolonged. It applied pure or diluted, depending on the recommendation associated with each one, at designated points such as the inside of the wrists, the plexus, or on sensitive areas or with body or facial massages.

Relieve a sting:

The Antipas rollerball with citronella from PUREESSENTIEL: Basically its metallic ball refreshes instantly. Therefor or apply three drops of aspic lavender three times a day on the area or, if it is at the moment, every 15 seconds for 2 minutes.

Soothe a sunburn:

PUREESSENTIEL SOS Aftersun spray , with aloe vera. Or liberally apply a mix of equal parts lavender aspic and St. John’s Wort vegetable oil and stay out of the sun again!

Heal a rash:

The SOS Repair gel with 33 essential oils, \the skin’s superhero: relieves all discomfort with a minimal amount in the area. Or apply a drop of pure clary sage to the skin two times a, however. Not too confused with officinal sage, which a doctor must prescribe. And do not use clary sage if you are on estrogen treatment.

Sleep soundly:

PURESSENTIEL Sleep & Relax Air Spray. Moreover a touch in every corner of the room or directly on a tissue. Or deeply inhale 2 or 3 drops of green mandarin in tissue before sleeping.

Raise the libido:

The massage oil Ylang Ylang and Ginger from PURESSENTIEL.That is to say  A few drops are massaged into the pulse areas, or one drop of ginger in a teaspoon of honey three times a day for three weeks.

Control hunger:

The PURESSENTIEL Slimstick, with cinnamon, to curb cravings. It inhaled when a desire approaches. Or one drop of Geranium in a PURESSENTIEL neutral tablet (sugar-free, 0% calorie), and chew three times a day.

Overcome a hangover:

The PURESSENTIEL SOS Travel rollerball with ginger to overcome dizziness would be applied to the plexus (3 fingers above the navel) and wrists. Or take one drop of peppermint in a neutral PURESSENTIEL tablet if you have a headache or a drop of basil if your stomach hurts.


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